Opt for Cloud Hosting Services for your Large Magento E-commerce Project

Cloud Hosting Services

Developing a website online for e-commerce by selecting the most popular Magento platform may not suffice the successful launch. The consistency in high performance of the website drives the sales and therefore an integrated optimization is a must. The proper maintenance of the website is crucial so as to ensure the smooth running of the online store so that the customers are able to readily and easily access the site.

It is essential to hire system administrators who could take care of the Magento system architecture, load balancing, and create fault-tolerant solutions, both at physical and the cloud server. It is essential to optimize the working of the website and protect against breakdown and emergencies. Your store must be available as and when the customers wish to buy through the site.

At this juncture, it is recommended to opt for the cloud hosting as it is the most considerable and optimal solution. The Magento Cloud solution includes a set of services as briefed below.

Magento clustering: It distributes the load between the several independent servers so that the online store performs exceptionally good.

Profiling: Profiling helps to remove the system bottlenecks that affect the performance and ensure the best experience.

Cache configuration: The configuration of the caching system by using Redis, Varnish, FPC, or the Memcache helps to have an incredible fast site.

Automated horizontal scaling: The cloud infrastructure ensures the handling of the store even when there is an unexpected flow of the visitors.

Some of the advantages of availing Magento cloud solutions includes:

  • Decreased labor cost for physical infrastructure support
  • Automated scaling of the environment
  • Accommodates easily with the changing user traffic patterns
  • Saves the server budget, and new servers could be procured in days

Magento India offers on-call and on-demand system administration services which include a varied range of troubleshooting, upgrading, and installation services.

Our certified magento developers are able to establish backup procedure, install, and tune PHP accelerator, balance the loads, propose optimal software and the hardware, isolate the performance bottlenecks, review, and adjust Magento caches and the MySQL settings, device a database server monitoring plan and system performance optimization, diagnose the data and full-page caching issues, manage the Magento index tables, and more.

If you are searching for experts who need to handle your high traffic website, deliver consistently high performance for the website through regular optimization, constant testing of the performance impact, then get in touch with our system administrators by visiting our website.