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What is an Independent Magazine?

This week, I’ll introduce you to the world of independent magazine and share a few of my favorite selections.

What is an independent magazine?

A publication that’s produced without major funding from a larger organization. There are some exceptions, but the general idea is that the magazine is produced and funded without influence or restriction by a larger investor.

They tend to have limited distribution capabilities and smaller teams. However, the publications tend to be more creative and diverse, largely due to the artist freedom that comes with self producing.

Publication frequencies can vary, but new issues are usually published quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.

Where can I buy one?

If you live near an American city, a safe bet to get started is Barnes & Nobles (yes, they’re still around). Smaller independent magazine sellers can be difficult to find, but here are a few of my favorites in the Philadelphia / NYC metro area.

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Independent magazine sellers in Philly

Avril 50 —

P’s & Q’s —

Barnes & Noble, Center City —

Independent magazine sellers near Hoboken

Printed Matter, Inc. (NYC) —

Import News (NYC) —

Casa Magazines (NYC) —

Iconic Magazines (NYC) —

Independent magazine sellers in Central New Jersey

Barnes & Noble, Raritan —

Barnes & Noble, Easy Brunswick —

Additional tip: skate shops and boutique clothing stores are also good places to explore. They’ll usually carry a small inventory of indie magazines in line with their aesthetic.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll cover the various genres in depth and share some of my favorites. Until then, here are some good ones to check out:

The Gourmand —

Hesperios Journal —

032c —

Buffalo Zine —


Fukt —

What to read this week

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