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Using Shapes to Create

Shapes are used to design and create many things including logos. While looking at the examples below of older company logos it’s easy to recognize shapes were used to create their iconic logos. Some companies such as Target, Spotify, ABC, and Microsoft used very basic or minimal designs using shapes while others companies like Twitter, Android, an dBP focused on designing something a little more complex with with shapes. With the use of shapes you can create meaningful piece of artwork as well as logos that can be easily make a company identifiable and stand out.

Company Logos

I learned how I can take basic shapes and create an abstract piece of art using Adobe Illustrator. I have found Adobe Illustrator to be one of the best resources you can use to design and create ideas. Below is an abstract design I created of a city. I was able to create this abstract design in Adobe Illustrator by primarily using hexagon and rectangle shapes while also using Adobe filters. Because I was working with several complex shapes I heavily relied upon a feature in Adobe Illustrator known as “Layers”. Using Layers makes it easier to select, adjust, hide, and lock different pieces of your project so that it becomes more manageable to work with, especially if you are dealing with a very detailed based project.

My Abstract City Design and Adobe Illustrator Layers Feature

Through using Adobe Illustrator I’ve also been able to practice designing logos using shapes and design business cards using those logos. Working with logos can be tricky as you want to create something that’s practical, simple, easily identifiable or distinctive, and conveys the company’s message or meaning.

My Logo Designs and Business Card

My take away is that there is no limit to what you can create with basic shapes. You can create a very minimalist logo design to a complex abstract work of art. No matter how complex or big the project though fantastic resources like Adobe illustrator show you can make something complex by breaking it down into smaller parts to make it easier to tackle a project.

Maggie McCausland is a student in the Digital Media program at Utah Valley University, Orem Utah, studying Web & App Development. The following article relates to the DGM 1220 Course and representative of the skills learned.



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