Why We Do What We Do

Magic is a special phone number you text to get anything you want, hassle free, 24/7. We accept any request, anywhere in the world, at any time.

Magic responds to you 24/7, via your preference of SMS, Telegram, and/or email

At Magic, we don’t say “I don’t understand” or “I can’t do that.” Upon receiving requests, our advanced software breaks down the problem, allocates necessary resources, and hands off the related tasks to a staff of highly trained and educated assistants who begin relentlessly pursuing strategies until it’s fulfilled.

Because literally anything could be asked of our service, when you work at Magic you are trained to handle difficult or seemingly impossible requests every day. You must be as tenacious as you are creative. You have to keep trying in the face of adversity until you find a solution.

If you complete a difficult request, especially if it seemed at first to be impossible, you’ve earned what’s called a Magic Moment.

  • Magic Moments are internal. These are the moments where Magic shines brightest. We are really proud of them and when they occur, we announce them to the entire company and celebrate their hard work.
  • Magic Moments are external. These are the “aha” moments when new or skeptical users become true believers in the power and value of Magic.
  • Magic Moments create more Magic Moments. These moments translate into a lot of time saved for our clients such that they can continue creating their own version of Magic Moments in their own lives.

This week, we’ve compiled a few examples of when we were able to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients to create a Magic Moment.

Too Sick to Move

A client in Maryland let us know that he was too sick to get to the closest drugstore and wanted to see if Magic could help ASAP. Due to the location and time of day, no standard delivery service was available, and we needed a solution immediately. After seven different local couriers were unable to assist, the eighth agreed, and we got the medicine our client needed delivered to his door in under 45 minutes. Upon delivery, he texted us to share how impressed he was by the efficiency and ease from start to finish. He then asked us to cross a few more things off his list while he recovered.

Emergency Surgery on a Remote Island

When a client needed all four of his wisdom teeth removed while traveling through Sri Lanka, we immediately got to work. It was 9:30 PM in Sri Lanka when the request came in. All dentists that we were able to reach initially refused. Apparently, in addition to necessary tests that were needed, most dentists simply wouldn’t remove all the wisdom teeth in one sitting. Finally, after the search continued into the next day, we were able to find a dentist willing to squeeze in our client for a consultation and potential surgery later that day. Our client was seen less than 24 hours after the request came in, allowing him to continue his extensive trip around the world.

100 Bananas Delivered to the UN

We love unique requests like this! A client on the West Coast asked us to deliver 100 bananas in a single box to the United Nations, with a message inside the box and a coordinated WhatsApp message sent at a specific time to the intended recipient. Later that same day the bananas were warmly received by UN representatives and our satisfied client was able to continue making the most out of his day on the other side of town.

Love from the Twitterverse

If you are currently using Magic, and you have a Magic moment to share, you can follow us on Twitter and share your own. We’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, enjoy these tweets from some of our clients who have had their own Magic Moments.

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