From now on, we will try to report news which can be publicised to our members weekly every Saturday.
Besides, as announced to members, we will sponsor projects from members, if the project convinces us. We focus on ideas, not on projects that are too large and difficult to develop, such as: make people go on space travel.

At present, we have approved an interesting project, Mage’s new technical team of 5 people are working on this project because the project submitter can not do it himself. Every day, we will report on the progress of this project at Medium. Please follow at: https://medium.com/magiccoinio

- Regarding Magexbit, this project has a lot of source code issues, it’s not perfect to operate, especially the previous technical team has switched to work at another company, which makes updating the Magexbit code more difficult. We have a new technical team, but they need more time to complete Magexbit, expected early in November, 2018, Magexbit will be able to operate.

In terms of the interface of Magexbit, we are redesigning. Magexbit will have a more modern interface in December, 2018. A lot of tickets sent to us, asking us to fix Magexbit, but most just complained about the interface, very few tickets we received had reported bugs, which made us quite sad. Because it proved that many members have exploited the bugs even though Magexbit is not really working yet. Remember, we aprrove withdrawal manually, we will check before accept your withdrawal. If we detect any fraud, we will lock the account and investigate. There will be no sympathy from us when Magexbit returns.
Magexbit is expected to back with the current interface on: November 1st, 2018
Magexbit is expected to operate with the new interface on: December 1st, 2018

- Magiccoin.io:
Previously, this project operated as a bank, which was responsible for: implementing MAGE transactions between members, and paying interest when you deposit MAGE long-term.
However, this makes MAGE was misunderstood as an MLM coin. Realizing this mistake, we have eliminated the function of paying interest since a long time ago. The current Magiccoin.io will only work with the mission: online wallet for MAGE coin.

We are adding administrator functions, as well as redesigning the interface. Hopefully before 2019, everything will be finished.

- Social Network:
The use of Facebook here is very difficult, but Twitter is fine, weird! With the Magexbit project, accounts created by the media team are not from our country, so they can use Facebook the time before.
We will continue to use Twitter to inform members, and temporarily abandon Facebook — may be permanent.
For telegram: we will only discuss at t.me/magiccoinio, all other telegram groups will stop working.

Okay, in 2019, MagicCoin Network will be able to work faster thanks to the above preparation, as well as the support of the community. We are still here, working diligently to make a profit, we still persevere despite facing many difficulties, hope you also do.

Have a good day!