Spike.sh went passwordless with Magic and accelerated time to market 2X

Micky Teng
May 10 · 3 min read

Imagine if you could identify, analyze, and fix incidents before customers tell you about them.

That’s what Spike.sh is focused on. Spike.sh helps bring clarity and transparency to incidents for faster resolve time. Without writing any code, you can get unlimited alerts via phone, SMS text, email, and Slack for any issues in your software stack.

Their newest product takes this one step further, helping dev teams with a modern “days without incident” timer.

Leading up to launch, the Spike.sh team decisively steered clear of the pain and security risk associated with password-based authentication. By implementing Magic, they were able to speed up cycles, rapidly iterate on the core product, and cut time to market in half.

The high cost of passwords

With Incidents Timer, you can keep track of major incidents with a simple to use and beautifully designed experience.

When considering authentication and onboarding, co-founder Pruthvi Haral wanted to ensure that product simplicity came through for developers and end-users.

From experience as a developer and Product Manager, he knows first-hand how complex and time-consuming building standard username and password auth from scratch can be.

Prior to Spike.sh, Pruthvi worked full-time on another developer-first product. That experience opened his eyes to the vast range of challenges that come with maintaining passwords. Between plaintext, hashing, and storage, password-based authentication was not worth reinventing the wheel — especially with the core product as the competing priority.

With these learnings in mind, it became clear that passwordless auth — specifically, email magic links that Slack helped popularize — provided a seamless onboarding flow without sacrificing security or UX.

Secure, passwordless login

Pruthvi discovered Magic through OnDeck, finding exactly what his team needed to sidestep passwords. After testing it out locally, the team was immediately impressed with the slick design and smooth user experience.

Coupled with the “security specialization, dashboard benefits, and startup perks”, it was a no-brainer decision to implement magic links for Incidents Timer.

2X faster time to market

With help from Magic, Spike.sh cut down time on passwordless authentication considerably — from what would have been several weeks and cycles, into just a matter of days. This win led to an even bigger win: time savings meant the team could launch their newest product into the world, 2X faster.

What started as a need to solve their own pain points quickly evolved into a way to give back to the community. Incidents Timer is free for software teams.

This latest release strengthens Spike.sh’s goal to make it simple for developers to manage alerts swiftly and deliver more reliability for customers. Because every dev optimizes for speed. Especially when it comes to incidents.


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