A Dystopian Feel-Good Novel? Welcome to MagicLand

MagicLand is now available in print at your favorite booksellers and many libraries

“Bastille’s debut artfully combines magic, technology, and romance” — Publishers Weekly

“A bracing dystopian tale that deftly mixes magic, evolution, and romance.” — Kirkus Reviews

Today is the official release date for MagicLand!

Order a bunch for your school, church, choir, book club, and anyone else you can think of! MagicLand is a profanity-free zone, so go ahead and order without worry!

Buy MagicLand at your favorite bookseller:


Barnes & Noble

Books A Million

Book No Further




Google Play



The Nile




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Read The MagicLand Chronicles

You can also check out these free web stories on Medium, all part of The MagicLand Chronicles:

The Dragons Amongst Us
There are some who say that there is a third species. Not of Gath. Not of Moria. A species that has achieved complete mastery over genetics.

Triage — Part One
A young woman returns home after the Third Eradication. Let the magic begin.

The Fires of Easterly
Little did we know that beneath the glow of the continuously burning Easterly fires was a city of magic.

The Death of Charlie Hollywood
My name is Charlie Hollywood. Before the First Eradication, I was a crypto gamer and financier. It’s all gone, now. All of it.

The First Reckless
Helping someone revisit their past can come in handy once in a while. Just ask Gladstone Freely.

The Behavior Scale
Candy wants to leave Chicago but can’t because her Behavior Scale says she can’t.

The Graft Queen
He sliced the head clean off the Gath. Why didn’t it grow back?

Where is MagicLand?
Stories of a land of magic abound. But are they real?

The House of Nadab
Welcome to our house, where you choose how to die

There’s an App for That
The beings move at the speed of light, even when they are perfectly still.

Mary Catches Fire for Free
The Gath had nearly destroyed us. Then along came Mary.

The Wanderer
A ghost hunts for prey in the new land of Magic.

The Cesspool Mermaid
She was living in a small shallow pond full of toxic waste.

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Author site for my debut novel, MagicLand, from New York’s Morgan James Publishing

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Charles Bastille

Hyperbole enthusiast and author of MagicLand, available at your favorite bookseller: All stories © 2022 by Charles Bastille.

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