Fiction — The MagicLand Chronicles

The House of Nadab

Welcome to our house, where you choose how to die

“It’s not another pandemic,” says Gareth as he winds a long, loose thread from the sleeve of his flannel shirt tightly around his wrist. This has the effect of creating a wrinkled plaid funnel aimed at his worn, black hand.

“Yeah, yeah,” says Button disbelievingly. That’s all we know about her. Her nickname. She’s wearing a shoulderless vest over a thin white top on a cold Minnesota day. Not much she does or…




Author site for my debut novel, MagicLand, from New York’s Morgan James Publishing

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Charles Bastille

Charles Bastille

Hyperbole enthusiast and author of MagicLand, available at your favorite bookseller: All stories © 2022 by Charles Bastille.

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