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Building a global marketplace for recyclable materials

Scrapad Marketplace screenshot
Scrapad marketplace



  • Two-factor authentication for better security.
  • Ability to upload/edit the products they want to buy/sell.
  • Real-time negotiation tool. A whatsapp-like chat for buyers and sellers negotiation.
  • Automatic negotiation-based contract creation and signature.
  • Web and email notifications.
  • Payment management: money-ins from organization banks to the payment system, transparent money transactions and availability of your money to money-out
  • Favorite ads functionality to group and track ads.
  • Automatic KYC process to ensure only verified customers can trade in the marketplace.
  • Automatic translation of items from the original language.
  • Automatic and personalizable SEO settings per ad and language.
  • Enterprise-style back office to manage all the main entities of the marketplace.
  • Automatic and manual logistics for rates and quotes.
  • A notification machinery that covers the whole registration and negotiation flows for the administrator to be informed and in total control of the business process.
  • Total integration of the payment system with the selected payment platform where all transactions are monitored.
Scrapad marketplace back office dashboard screenshot
Scrapad marketplace back office dashboard


Payments — Lemonway

  • They need to work with large amounts of money.
  • Bank transfers as well as credit card payments.
  • Fractionated payments from buyers.
  • Wallet for every customer.
  • The need for an intermediary instead of making payments directly between the buyer and the seller. That is, the money had to be stored on the platform until the conditions for sending it to the seller were met.
  • Possibility of charging commissions and other expenses together with the above. That is, the need for total control over money.
  • Total and programmatic integration of the functionality in our web application.




Clojure-based smart software platforms

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