Electromagnetic Fields & Life


All life is surrounded by and evolved in a powerful electromagnetic field of the planet. Fact is life can not exist without pulsed magnetic fields. The Earth is vibrating and is in constant motion.

Earth’s gravity is strong enough to keep you attached to the surface. The electromagnetic spectrum of the planet has all frequencies imaginable. After all, aren’t we moving and are being hurled across the space-time continuum by forces of the big bang?!

Frequency specific magnetic fields of the planet are utilized by birds and bees alike. Scientists have been studying ultrasonic, and sub sonic frequencies from centuries and we know a lot about them now than ever before. Your computer works on electromagnetism and so does your brain.

Schumann resonance frequencies are a spectrum of naturally occurring electromagnetic signals, circulating in the electrically resonant cavity bounded by the Earth and the ionosphere. It is also widely accepted that Schumann resonances cause brain-wave entrainment.

Brainwaves are nothing but electromagnetic activity detected in the neuronal tissues. When the frequency spectrum is analyzed, the low frequencies show how a person feels.

Different Brainwave patterns indicate the person’s level and type of consciousness. Example, a 18 Hz brainwave signature would mean the person is alert at this time. The body is constantly regenerating itself and requires energy to do so. When we have low energy, the brainwave amplitude drops. The cells are no longer functioning at optimum power levels. It’s to feed this electromagnetic requirement that we eat, breathe and sleep.

This man managed to train his neuro-vitals to absorb and transduce an alternative bio-available energy for sure. He doesn’t eat and claims its the Sun’s rays that provide all the nourishment he needs. How is he biohacking the fundamental human behavior?

It’s an ancient practice and an ancient knowledge. We have no means to imagine other than listen to his wisdom or study the remaining knowledge on the techniques.

Below video explains this phenomenon rather well and is a delight to watch:

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy for Beings of Resonance

Pulsed magnetic fields can be applied to the body for enhancing it’s self repair and immune functions. Research has been on going from more than 10 decades to find the benefits of PEMF therapy for a variety conditions.

Brain, Bones, Skin, Internal Organs — Your entire body and even the mind heals with PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy.

Electromagnetic Fitness Trackers

Another great application is using electromagnetic field detectors in modern technologies like Fitbit and Oura to track fitness and measure progress, This will surely have long-term impact on human wellness. Specially when following any nutritional, exercise based or medical program, care givers are now able to access the vital stats anytime, anywhere.

Pulsed Magnetic Field technology is here to stay and can help us survive in today’s all pervasive electrosmog conditions.

Astronauts in space are constantly in a PEMF field whether they are floating in a space suit or simply in the ISS. Luckily now, we’ve discovered how to use them for rapid healing and reverse aging. The future of wellness can be and should be drug-less and effort free!



Donna Smith
Magnetic Stimulation Therapy for a Healthier Planet

Donna is an experienced wellness educator and writer. She specializes in researching and experimenting with a variety of frequency based healing systems.