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You’re probably aware of the fact that data science and machine learning together with Python as the preferred programming language of data scientists and developers alike are all being considered the
hottest career paths in the IT field. Businesses across the globe are increasingly becoming reliant on these fields and are hiring trained professionals who’ll help them rise above the competition.

Magnimind Academey, one of the leading names in the field of data science training provider, might be best known for its full-stack data science bootcamp in Silicon Valley but it also offers a broad range of mini bootcamps on various related fields including machine learning and Python. In this post, we’re going to discuss why any of the certificates obtained from Magnimind Academy would help you make a big leap forward in your career.

1- Data science certification

First of all, a data science certification is one of the most acclaimed certifications that you can get these days, thanks to the data science wave. Data science professionals belong to the hottest league in today’s tech market as more and more businesses are looking for well-trained and certified data professionals. Let’s have a quick look at the benefits of having a data science certificate from Magnimind Academy.

- It’ll act as a proof of your credibility. When businesses hire a data science professional, they always prefer candidates having a certification from a reputable institute like Magnimind.

- A data science certificate from the institute will not only help you in getting hired but it’ll help your resume stand out from the rest as well.

- Almost every major industry is striving to leverage the true potential of data and thus, they’re hiring certified data professionals. So, having a data science certificate from Magnimind means you’ll have a huge number of avenues to explore and choose your preferred one.

2- Machine learning certification

Similar to Magnimind’s data science certification course, the machine learning certificate would also make prepared for an industry that’s steadily growing.

The machine learning program will impart you with both theoretical and practical knowledge to make your career future-proof.

Unlike traditional classroom learning where you’d need to pay a hefty amount in terms of fees and other associated costs, Magnimind’s machine learning certification program would help you obtain a solid understanding of the relevant and necessary skills in the field in a flexible and cost-effective way.

3- Python certification

A Python certificate is frequently considered as the first screening tool utilized by recruiters to help shortlist potential candidates.

Magnimind’s Python certification program will make you equipped with the most useful, industry relevant knowledge and will validate your skills as a certified Python professional.

It’ll be your one of the most powerful weapons in the race for greater competitiveness, first-rate expertise, and better employment.

4- Final Words

Any of the certifications offered by Magnimind Academy will act as a proof to the recruiters that you’ve the relevant expertise necessary to perform certain duties. And it’ll also be a sign for them that you’re willing to expand your knowledge and are serious about your career.

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