A new Magpile

A small re-launch of the five year old magazine wiki and online store.

Today marks a big change for Magpile, but a subtle one that you may not really notice.

New code

The site’s underlying code base has been thoroughly upgraded, and the site has moved host. Alongside this the deployment systems for editing the site’s inner workings has been vastly improved. The aim is to make the site a lot easier to update and modify going forward. I have a lot planned as this is an important and vital first step to accomplishing everything I want to do with Magpile.

New fonts

At the same time, I took the opportunity to refresh the site’s typefaces. You will see a new font used across the site. Rubik (by Hubert & Fischer) replaces Montserrat and the hard-working Alegreya, the latter of which was Magpile’s base typeface since day zero in February 2012.

Old Magpile (left) vs. New Magpile (right)

I hope you have been enjoying using Magpile for the past few years, and look forward to the changes that are coming.

Onwards! 💥

— Dan

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