Five Characteristics of Coaching

Drs. Rush and Shelden discuss the 5 characteristics of coaching: Joint Planning, Observation, Action/Practice, Reflection, and Feedback. They provide an overview of what each characteristic is, the logic behind why you would do it and how you would use it. In addition to the video, you will find suggestions for use and additional resources.

Suggestions and Reflections on the Use of this Video

This video could be used as an introduction to Reflective Coaching for trainings, individual learning or peer discussions. It can also be used as a review and enhancing of learning about coaching. We’ve included some additional resources to supplement the video.

If you’re a trainer, how could this information work for you? What ideas do you have to use this to support your training of other coaches?

If you’re a coach (an adult supporting other adults in the lives with children with disabilities — Early Interventionist, Early Childhood Special Educator, Related Services Professional, Child Care director, Lead teacher, colleague, etc.), what could you try in your practices? How could you use this in your work? What steps would you take to begin using the characteristics?

If you’re working with a coach (family member, child care provider, teacher, colleague, new coach, etc.), what do you think about these characteristics? How could coaching work for you? What questions will you have for a coach?

Others — What is your interest in coaching? How does this apply to your current experiences and situations? What will you take away from this information and how will you use it in your work?

Resources for this video

Quick Reference Guide

Script for Explaining Coaching to Families

Tips and Techniques

Coaching Rating Scale

Child Care Support Checklist

MAH Coaching Support

A Making Access Happen Learning Community

Making Access Happen

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Universal Design for Young Children

MAH Coaching Support

A Making Access Happen Learning Community

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