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Why defense is the best offense in Japanese mahjong

A lot of discipline is required for defense. Do you have what it takes?

Balancing defense and offense can be challenging. Which is more important? Read on to find out!

Should I aim for high value hands to secure a first place in Japanese mahjong? When do I play attack? When do I defend? These questions are often asked but with no straightforward answers. Here, we will address an important mindset in Japanese mahjong that…




A publication that focuses on mahjong strategies that can increase your chances of winning. If interested to contribute, please contact me via email.

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Kuan Rong Chan, Ph.D.

Kuan Rong Chan, Ph.D.

Kuan Rong Chan, PhD, Principal Research Scientist in Duke-NUS Medical School. Virologist | Data Scientist | Loves mahjong | Website:

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