Optimization in four steps

Dave Kraayeveld
Sep 16, 2019 · 3 min read

Sometimes you need a refresh before you can optimize. Sometimes you can immediately start optimizing. But from whatever starting point you come from, you can (or perhaps should) always start optimizing your product at some point. Whether this is a digital or a physical product. Optimizing in terms of user experience or conversion. You need a strong process for this. With a good process you take the guesswork out of optimization and you shift the conversation from ‘we think’ to ‘we know’. As a ‘skeptical designer’ that sounds a lot better to me. The process that we use at Maibru has four basic steps.

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Step 1: analyze

Step 2: prioritize

Step 3: testing

The basis of each test plan is a clearly defined hypothesis. For example, if you have a high drop off in your checkout process, your hypothesis may be: “Our credibility is being questioned by our users because they encounter language errors in the checkout.” A good hypothesis:

  • is testable and measurable
  • has the purpose of solving usability or conversion problems
  • provides market insights

Step 4: process insights and start over

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Maibru is a brand strategy design studio located in…

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