Episode three: Fascism as recurrent phenomenon in inhumane society

Revolution for Dummies. On air in Ukraine.

Few months have passed since first two articles about Maidan revolution were published. In the first one we discussed manipulative technologies that triggered Maidan revolution, while the second one covered ‘Divide and conquer’ − a classic strategy that is well known in the world of politics.

This is the final article aimed to address fundamental sociological trends that precede every catastrophic event.

Predicting catastrophes is a matter of having enough data and knowing how to deal with it. I bet you won’t accept any apologies from a taxi driver if his car ‘occasionally’ runs out of petrol on the way to airport. Obviously it would signify extremely low qualification of that driver. Fuel never ends unexpectedly.

Just like fascism never happens suddenly − ‘out of the blue’. Rather it has a long ‘warm-up’ phase and initizalizes slowly in philosophy and culture first. Why then we are ‘surprised’ when we witness death camps, genocide, carpet bombings of civilians, and other instances of fascism across the globe?

Lets define what we mean by ‘fascism’. Most will agree that fascism is an anti-humane mindset that leads to violence against certain social groups. Vast majority will associate Hitler’s face with this very word. However things become a bit more complicated, when we try to answer the question ‘What does it mean to be humane’? This is not a rhetorical question as it might seem first. Every individual’s psyche can be classified by the structure of it. If structurally person’s psyche is possessed by instincts, while intellect, consciousness and intuition only serve his instincts, then this psyche is just like the animal one. When individual behaves like it is prescribed by cultural traditions, norms of ethics and law, he is merely a robot or biorobot if you will (programmed by the culture and not able to approach it critically). If a person can step over traditions, can disobey norms of culture, and does it to only satisfy his selfish ambitions, then he behaves like a demonic person. If, however, a person is not enfettered by the cultural dogmas and is able to take control over his instincts when needed, and influences the culture in accordance with what he feels as fair and common weal, then we can certainly say that he is humane. This classification helps to understand what fascism is really fighting with. The real aim of fascism is not to let individuals become humane. Fascism can have nationalistic rhetoric, but not necessarily. Fascism can have antisemitic rhetoric, but not necessarily. But fascism necessarily uses all means to keep society inhumane.

What kind of means are in use by fascism? Ironically, physical aggression is the least effective in this list, specifically because it is so explicit and easy to spot. Global society was shocked with bloody deeds of nazis in XX century and it was clearly condemned by everyone. Later stage of ‘cold war’ was on the run. But the vague term ‘cold’ is better to be substituted by ‘information’ − ‘information war’ that is. And the information itself can be structured by the level of importance. Information about health & drugs (alcohol and smoking included) is more effective as physical aggression, as it creepingly destroys potential of upcoming generations. Information about economics, is more important than the one about health & drugs, as with the use of invalid economic theories, we can ruin countries and shrink their population. Ideological information beats economical, because every economical system is based on ideology of the certain society and totally derives from it. Information about the chronology is much more powerful than ideological information, since without knowing the sequence of events we cannot make correct conclusions and judge ideologies. And the most powerful is the world-view information − it is like a system of beliefs that either helps to solve problems or conversely puts people in a permanent loop of inhumanity.

Now here is the trick. Fascism can operate on all these informational levels. Fascism can obstruct masses to become humane by providing wrong world-view information. Fascism can deliver deceptive chronological information, to mislead young generations and prevent people becoming humane. Fascism can produce society of biorobots by transmitting dead-end ideologies. Fascism can shape economy in a way that individuals will never have time and resources to become humane. Fascism can promote alcohol and other drugs to be perceived as ‘acceptable cultural tradition’ and thus masses will not be able to contemplate about long-term processes. And of course, fascism can launch genocide and massacre to violate stable development in certain regions and societies. To wrap up: fascism is a strategy of managing globalization through informational influence aimed at preventing people from becoming humane.

But how the described above classification of psyches and information levels relates to Maidan revolution and subsequent war in the Ukraine? It is very easy: in the inhumane society fascism is always dominant, and eventually it will end on the level of physical violence. By not willing to discuss and resolve problems on all the above-mentioned information levels Ukrainian society become exposed to ‘Divide and conquer’ algorithm and eventually fell into a civil war.

Currently (as of July 2014) fascism in Ukraine operates on the level of physical aggression. It will be stopped (in spite of great monetary and military support from the so-called ‘first world countries’), but does this mean that fascism will never happen again? Only if it is stopped on the higher informational levels as well.