Episode two: Asking for violence

Revolution for Dummies. On air in Ukraine. 

Here comes the second article in the series about 2014 Maidan revolution. In the first one, we've examined peaceful start of 2014 Maidan. We've defined sponsors and mechanisms that were in use to draw thousands of people on Maidan square in Kiev. This article will provide you the information about driving force of Maidan 2014 − Ultras and Nazis; and provocation patterns that were executed to trigger violence in Ukraine.

Rage of ‘peaceful protesters’

Remember Gene Sharp’s technology of peaceful demonstration that we've explored in the first article? Well evidently, at certain point peaceful protest is not enough for revolution to progress. Thus opposition will do anything for officials to use violence and weapons on them. After officials use any kind of force on peaceful protesters, media will depict protesters ‘as heroes fighting for freedom and democracy’ and current government as ‘cruel and bloody’.

It seems that Yanukovych and his consultants were aware of this trick and thus forbid ‘Berkut’ troops to use any force whatsoever against the furious crowd. There were plenty of footage and video evidences how protesters went with baseball bats and ‘molotov cocktails’ against unarmed ‘Berkut’.

In any ‘democratic’ country − be it a US or UK a guy that would throw ‘molotov’ to police would be shot to death instantaneously. And his fellow followers would be wiped from the streets. And that would be indeed legitimate.

Perhaps Yanukovych was hoping that western media will show real face ‘peaceful protesters’ and thus didn't order ‘Berkut’ to wipe provocators and ultras from the streets.

And there certainly were attempts to show radical mood of protesters.

But there were either too late or didn't get into mainstream with enough intensity to change common opinion of the Western society. Main sources of information still called protesters ‘peaceful’ and regime ‘cruel and anti-democratic’.

Another unheard attempt of German media to show deeds of protesters.

Opposition tried everything to trigger Berkut’s violence, but couldn't get it done. Then it came the moment of roof snipers. This is traditional trick to produce victims from both sides and escalate the anger. There were evidences that this technology was implemented in Egypt during ‘Arab spring’ and other protests. At Maidan snipers went large-scale and produced over hundred of dead bodies from both sides.

Leaks about this ‘third force’ snipers reached EU officials.

Later same tactic was implemented in Simferopol. Roof snipers are really cheap and ROI is really high.

Peaceful protest turned into a bloodshed and major media channels certainly blamed ‘Berkut’ for that. In answer Yanukovych offered prime-minister position to Yatsenyuk and other high governmental positions to the leaders of opposition (like Minister of Sport position to Klitschko). Yanukovych also agreed to make pre-scheduled presidential elections. However opposition refused to accept it and forced violence on the next day.

Why? Because leaders of protesters knew that with their radical views and methods they can never be elected democratically in Ukraine.

Right Sector. Nazi & Ultras as permanent subcontractors of global parasites.

A person with ultra views is unproductive in life and thus cannot set goals for himself. Ultras can act only in the violent mode. They can neither make political analysis, nor control financial flows. Thus there is always someone behind Nazis, organizing and guiding them.

Sponsoring Nazis is ideal tool to split every country, trigger hate between nations and break cultural ties. Really every country is to some extent multinational, and thus it can be split into many pieces by ethnicity. All what is needed is to consider one nation ‘primary’ one and make all the others ‘secondary’.

In modern Ukraine most powerful nationalistic organization is called ‘Right Sector’. To understand a mental portrait of its leaders and members you can witness their actions after Maidan won and official forces were withdrawn from Kiev.

Here is Aleksandr Muzychko, charismatic leaders of ‘Right Sector’ making staff changes in prosecutor’s office.
In this video ultras push a guy from the scene in Kiev when he tries to glorify European values.

Muzychko was later killed by new Ukrainian power when he has already made his ‘dirty job’. Remember ‘revolution devours its children’ as stated by Jacques Mallet du Pan.

Mission was accomplished when moderate nationalists − Yatsenyuk, Tyahnybok and Klitschko were brought into parliament with the help of radical Nazis. At their first day in parliament new leaders cancelled the right of South-eastern Ukraine to use Russian language as a regional one, and allowed fascist propaganda.

At this point radical Nazis were no longer needed. They of course refused to disarm and step back. On the 27th March ‘Right sector’ even tried to seize Rada again and force more radical leaders into parliament, but this time they didn't get support by the Western cash-flow (check the previous article for evidences about Western support of Maidan). This time High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (Catherine Ashton) denounced protesters from ‘Right sector’. Double standards in action.

Nazis were used for making revolution once, and then kept away from making another one. However current Ukrainian parliament relies on them as it relies on nationalistic rhetoric. Therefore ‘Right Sector’ will be kept until the next operation.

Nazis themselves don’t want Ukraine to be a part of Europe or have some kind of association with anybody; they rather want Ukrainian Empire with Ukrainians only.

Ideologists of ‘Right sector’ draw inspiration from this map, coined in 1918 at the Brest peace act by German high authorities. Let’s not even mention Russia, but will Poland, Romania, Belorussia, Moldavia like this kind of Ukraine’s new map?

Within past 23 years new historians taught kids new version of history. The game was very straightforward − to demonize everything related to the Soviet period and praise everything Western. There were pros and cons in both systems, but new Ukrainians were not supposed to analyse them in cold blood.

Youth was shaped to fiercely hate by the ethnic principle:

On this video schoolkids jump and yell out: “hang a Russian on a tree” and “who’s not jumping is Russian”. Video is shot several months before Maidan 2014.

As you can see the techniques of nationalistic revolution were practised well in advance before Maidan and applied to school-kids.

It is quite obvious that the main and the only strategy behind Maidan 2014 is to Divide and conquer. Divide and conquer Ukraine. Divide and conquer Eurasian region. Divide and conquer Russia and its neighbours.

By now, we have discussed destructive social patterns enough. Next article will aim to offer alternative and positive scenario for Ukrainian 2014 crisis and other regions that have found themselves in similar positions.
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