[Infographic] How To Send Direct Mail Online Using Click2Mail

Send physical mail from your desk in a matter of minutes

Source: https://click2mail.com/how-it-works

Fact: Email Doesn’t Reach Everyone

According to Pew Research, 13% of Americans don’t use email. That means more than 1 out of 10 people will never see an email from your marketing team.

Also, consider these email usage statistics:

  • 43% of email recipients click the Spam button based on the email “from” name or email address
  • 69% of email recipients report email as Spam based solely on the subject line
  • 17% of Americans create a new email address every 6 months


People are inundated with email. Does your inbox look like this?

Oh my

I hope not.

Marketing research firm MarketingSherpa asked consumers a couple years ago how they preferred to receive marketing materials. Physical mail beat out email for the top spot by 5%. See the infographic below.

I know.

You’re probably thinking: Ugh. Mail is such a pain.

Source: newgirlonfox.tumblr.com/post/23503627665

But I have good news. It totally doesn’t have to be.

Today’s technology makes direct mail much simpler.

Check this out.

From your chair (or wherever you’re sitting) right now, you can send a piece of mail with a few clicks, in minutes, without even standing up.

Here’s how. In 5 steps.

Open your web browser. Navigate to Click2Mail.com.

1. Create an account and sign in. Creating an account is fast and free. It gives you access to a secure, personalized space for loading, editing, reviewing, and submitting mailing pieces (and address lists).

2. Choose a layout. Want to send a postcard? Choose the postcard template. Feel free to send any type of mail. Click2Mail has it all.

For the design, you can use the online editor or load files you create using Microsoft Word or files from other programs saved in PDF, EPS, and PS file formats.

3. Compose your message. Add text and graphics to your heart’s content. Select Preview to see what your mailpiece will look like.

4. Import your list (if you have one). Want to send your mailing piece to number of folks? Import your list. And don’t worry. The software automatically standardizes addresses.

Lists are easy to create (use file types: CSV, TAB, MDB, or XLS). Or just purchase a customized list to target your ideal audience demographic.

(Pssst. If you hit a snag, call our awesome support team at 1–866–665–2787.)

5. Sit back — you’re done! We take it from here. We transmit your mailpiece to one or more of Click2Mail’s strategically located printing plants. Orders are usually mailed within 24 hours.

Right from where you are sitting, in a matter of a few short days, your message is in the hands of a customer or prospect.

Don’t risk your message sinking into the bowels of your customer’s Spam box. Use Click2Mail to create a beautiful piece of mail and send it — no need for stamps, envelopes, or cards — straight to your customers right from your laptop.

Originally published at click2mail.com, home of the Mail Nerds.

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