Mexican Mail Order Brides — Can You Find A Real Mexican Girl For Marriage and Dating Online?

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Mexican brides

Mexico is one of the most popular places with Latin mail order brides — in 2019, 1,676 Mexican brides came to the United States and married American guys! If you are looking for a girl of your dreams, check out this list of top platforms with Mexican girls for marriage!

Mexico is one of the closest neighbors of the United States, but many of us are only familiar with some basic facts about Mexican mail order brides and have never gotten the pleasure to know them personally. There is an easy way to correct that, so here is your ultimate guide to Mexican mail order wives and meeting them as a foreign man.

What are Mexican bride prices?

The first question that usually comes to the mind of every guy who thinks about getting a Mexican wife is how much is a Mexican mail order bride. First of all, you need to understand that you cannot literally mail a foreign girl to your place. A Mexican bride cost is not a virtual price tag on a woman, but potential expenses for dating. Below, you can find everything that makes up the average cost of Mexican mail order bride in 2024.

  1. Dating site expenses — If you join a credit-based platform, like LoveFort, you are likely to spend $3.99 for 20 credits and more (there are 4 more packages available on the site). Sites that run on the credit system can help you control Mexican wife expenses and make them quite affordable. For example, for a minute of chatting with a stunning Mexican lady, you need only 2 credits or 10 credits to write a love letter. And you control how much to spend.
  2. Round-trip ticket (New York, the USA–Cancun, Mexico) — $193
  3. Accommodation — $66 for a standard room for two
  4. Food — $20 for one on meals per day
  5. Transportation — $14 for one per day
  6. Entertainment — $34 for two per day

So, the traveling part of the Mexican mail order bride cost can be around $2,069 for two weeks in Mexico. It’s a little higher than finding Filipina mail order bride, though worth it. But final Mexican mail order bride prices may change depending on your traveling style, how much you are actually willing to spend and any other additional expenses like presents or flowers. Also, don’t forget to add your dating site fees or membership cost to calculate the final sum.

Why choose Mexican wives online?

Mexico is the most Westernized country in the Latin region. Mexican women looking for marriage have similar values as American girls but just look different. It is easy to date and marry a woman from this country due to little cultural differences as well.

Why do Mexican girls for marriage seek Western men?

A lot of Mexican beauties want to live in a better country, and the United States is at the top of their lists. You can easily find a Mexican wife online by using a dating platform — thousands of women use them to find true love and happiness!

Success stories of men who’ve already met Mexican mail order brides

After 2 divorces and 4 kids, I thought I’d reached my love limit. And I actually was fine with it. But something clicked when I met Carmen on a popular dating website LatinFeels. We talked for hours, sent emails, and discovered that despite our age difference and different ethnic backgrounds we had a lot in common.

I’m a retired American, and she’s a 37-year-old Mexican. It wasn’t easy to overcome cultural difficulties, but her beauty, and kindness healed my wounded heart. Now, when we are married when we’re out together, some people stare at us noticing our age difference, I think, but I don’t care and my beloved doesn’t either.— Christopher, AL, USA

After moving to New York, the city that seemed like an anthill, I felt very lonely. After failed attempts of going on numerous dates, I was quite disappointed in local women — or in myself, the person who didn’t succeed to find a match. That’s how I registered to a Mexican dating site La-Date.

I was chatting, liking girls’ profiles, and just having fun with no intention of starting anything serious. Mexican women are so hot and fun to talk to, and they were flirting really a lot, so after work, the first thing I did was chatting there. And that’s how I met Alejandra. She is very attractive, easy-going, and well-educated. We’ve been in a long-distance relationship for a little over 2 months, and last summer, I came to visit her. Now I’m really happy, and we’ll see how it goes!— Brian, NY, USA

What makes Mexican women so attractive for marriage

Mexican order brides are some of the most family-focused females you will find not just in Latin America, but around the world. They don’t rush into getting married and starting a family just to achieve a new status. Instead, they approach this step in their lives with care and only do it when they are absolutely confident in their feelings and plans. That is why Mexican mail brides make loyal and caring partners you can always depend on.

Top 3 features of a Mexican mail order bride

  • Stunning looks. The appearance of Mexican ladies is not subtle — it’s absolutely striking even at first glance. Women in Mexico have sun-kissed skin and wavy black hair that creates a perfect frame for their stunning facial features. Mexican females have plump, bright lips, and their eyes are dark and mesmerizing. You won’t find a lot of tall girls in Mexico, but their figures are perfectly balanced and always fit.
  • Compassionate nature. Mexican girls are the type of women who pay a lot of attention to their loved ones and act accordingly when they notice something is wrong. When you have a Mexican girlfriend, you can expect her to always know how you feel even when you are not saying anything. And she will not rest until you are feeling better and until your problems are resolved.
  • Absolute honesty. Having a real Mexican wife means never having to worry about her true intentions or feelings. Mexican women for marriage wear their hearts on their sleeves and find it completely impossible to conceal their emotions. It may take you some time to get used to this level of openness, but you will soon realize that it only makes your relationship better.

What is the best way to meet Mexican brides?

Mexico may be located not too far from your state, but you will still feel like a foreigner if you decide to go there. You will definitely meet some beautiful Mailorder brides from Mexico along the way, but don’t be surprised when you realize that not all of them want to marry American men and move abroad. The good news is that you can achieve much more consistent results if you sign up for a popular dating site. There you can meet gorgeous and smart Mexican ladies for marriage whose goal is to marry a foreign man and live with him in the US.

How much will you spend on your search?

Signing up for a dating service is usually free, but you will need to pay for everything else, from a premium membership on a dating site to arranging your first real-life meeting with your future Mexican mail order wife. All in all, this experience will cost you somewhere between $2,000 and $20,000. You can try cutting down your costs by talking to just one woman at once and quickly moving the relationship offline.

Pros and cons of a relationship with Mexican women for marriage


  • There will be plenty of initiative from her.
  • Your dates will be very diverse but never boring.
  • Your relationship will be full of passion and emotions.


  • Her family will often be involved in your relationship and marriage.
  • Mexican wives can be superstitious even in minor things.

Final thoughts

Girls from Mexico are not located too far away from you geographically, but they are very different from the women in your home city and country. If you love everything about the women from Mexico and can easily imagine yourself being married to one of them, there is a fast and easy way to meet mail order wives from Mexico without leaving your home. Talk to mail order Mexican bride online, see how the relationship goes, and you can end up with a Mexican mail bride sooner than you think!