What Makes Cuban Mail Order Brides Such A Good Choice For Marriage

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Cuba is one of the most mysterious and secluded places on the planet. If you’re lucky enough, you can meet dozens or even hundreds of Latin ladies in your lifetime, but Cuban brides will always stand out. There are plenty of platforms that can offer you a high-quality online dating experience — you just need to take a look at them!

Cuba is a country with many beautiful girls. For decades, we knew next to nothing about Cuba, and even though now there are more opportunities to explore this country than ever, most of us are still unfamiliar with the hidden gem that is Cuban wives. Almost 500 Cuban women married American men and received the K-1 visa in 2019. Find out more about them with our guide!

How much does a Cuban bride cost?

For a long time, American men and Cuban women had virtually no way of meeting each other, let alone getting married. The good news is that now it’s much easier to find a Cuban woman for marriage, which is why Western men now have a newfound interest in these charming ladies.

However, given the economic situation in Cuba, it’s not surprising that Cuban women don’t travel to the US too often. It means that you shouldn’t have high hopes for meeting a Cuban bride in your own city and will instead need to go for one of the two options:

  1. Trip to Cuba. With multiple travel agencies now organizing trips to Cuba, the idea of traveling to Cuba seems very exciting. Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to explore a mysterious foreign land while also meeting local girls? However, this option is far from ideal, as, contrary to a popular opinion, not all women in Cuba want to leave their home country for good to marry a foreigner.
  2. Online dating. This option is much more effective, but only when you choose the right dating site. If you want to get a Cuban wife, what you need is a mail order bride website. The women there are just as beautiful and charming as the ones you meet in the streets of Cuba, but also determined to marry a Western man and move abroad for marriage.

When you go for the second option, you should know that a positive online dating experience doesn’t come for free. You will need to spend money on two types of expenses: using the dating site to its maximum potential and then visiting Cuba to meet your future wife in person. Here is how much it’s all going to cost.

Online dating expenses

Most mail order bride sites offer free memberships, but they typically lack the most essential features like messaging and therefore won’t take you far in your quest to meet a Cuban mail order bride. This is why you will definitely need to invest in a paid membership and possibly buy credits to use advanced site features, including video chat. 1 month of using a dating site calls for the following expenses:

  • Premium membership: $15 and more if it is membership and from $50 if you are using the site with credits
  • Extra communication features: $100 and more
  • Gift and flower delivery services: $300 and more depending on the gift
  • Translation services: $30 and more per hour of consecutive translation

Travel expenses

In most cases, you will need to work with a travel agency to make your dream of visiting Cuba a reality. On average, this is how much it costs to travel to Cuba for 2 weeks:

  • Plane tickets: $600
  • Accommodations: $600
  • Food: $400 for two
  • Transportation: $200 for two
  • Entertainment: $300 for two

Some of these expenses, including food and entertainment, are calculated for two since you are going to be spending most of your time with your bride. However, it doesn’t include things like gifts, as their cost can vary a lot.

How much can you expect to spend on the whole experience?

When you are meeting Cuban mail order brides online, you will inevitably spend some money, but it never goes straight to the woman. Instead, you will be paying to make your dating site journey more effective and satisfying. Typically, you will need to pay for a premium site membership and additional features to make your communication more special. For most guys, the overall online dating expenses are in the $3,000-$20,000 range.

Why choose Cuban women for marriage?

Cuba is a rather Westernized country, despite the rich history with the United States. Cuban mail order brides are smart, passionate, and less emotional than most Latin mail order brides. You will find dates from this country rather calm but still feisty!

Why do Cuban females seek Western men?

So, what makes Cuban ladies look for foreign husbands? First, it is the level of life — they just want to start a family in a better country. Second, some Cuban brides are looking for adventures, and marrying a man from a different culture sounds very adventurous!

Why Western men are so drawn to girls from Cuba

Growing up in a unique social climate where family and community ties are the most important thing in the world made Cuban mail order brides some of the most devoted women you can ever find. When a woman from Cuba makes a commitment to a man, she actually means it and she will never break your trust.

3 most amazing things about Cuban brides

  • Exotic beauty. In terms of appearance, Cuban girls hold a special place among all Latin American ladies. They usually have a chocolate skin tone with a golden glow, a curly mane of hair, and the most sincere smile you have ever seen. Women in Cuba are often rather tall and lean, but they still have those signature Latina curves.
  • Old-fashioned views on life. The opinions of Cuban women on life, family, marriage, and other important aspects have not changed for decades. A Cuban wife is someone who believes in the traditional gender roles, and she will not try to challenge your leadership or make you do the chores when you work full-time.
  • Cheerful spirit. Life in Cuba can be tough, especially for young women from humble beginnings. However, the challenges and hardships only make Cuban women for marriage more optimistic and upbeat. Your Cuban girlfriend will always know how to lift your spirit, and she will find a solution for any problem.

Finding a Cuban mail order wife as an American man

Even though Cuba is gradually becoming more open to foreign tourists, men from the United States still find it nearly impossible to legally travel to Cuba. And even if you do manage to go there, the chance of meeting a woman who will potentially move abroad with you forever is slim. Luckily, there is a much more convenient and effective alternative. Signing up for a Latin dating site will introduce you to numerous Cuban girls for marriage. You can talk to them from the comfort of your own bedroom and build a meaningful connection before finally taking your relationship to the next level.

Final thoughts

Now that you have more opportunities for meeting single Cuban women for marriage than ever, there is no point in depriving yourself of a faithful and caring partner any longer. No matter what you are looking for in women, there is a Cuban beauty for you, so don’t hesitate and begin your online dating adventure today!