What Makes Polish Mail Order Brides Such A Good Choice For Marriage

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5 min readMar 8, 2024


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Online communication in Poland is relatively new. Still, in 2019, over 130 Polish brides came to the United States and married Americans! If you are looking for a Polish girlfriend use any of these sites, and you will be successful!

Poland is a country in Eastern Europe that most of us know by name but don’t have any connections to it unless you actually have Polish roots. That is why your first time meeting a Polish woman can be one of the most life-changing events in your life. Here is what you should keep in mind about Polish women for marriage.

How much does a Polish bride cost?

If you’re a Western guy who wants to marry one of the beautiful Polish women for marriage, you probably can’t just go out during your lunch break and meet the woman you will eventually marry. With foreign girls, things are a little more complicated than that. Luckily, you are not out of options, and here are the two best ones to consider.

The first option is to visit Poland as a tourist. There you can not only marvel at the wonderful Polish architecture, nature, and cuisine, but also talk to local women. Polish girls are very sociable and will have no problem giving you a quick tour of the sights or even going out on a date with you. However, for most Polish women, this will be nothing but a fling, as they are not ready to consider a foreign tourist as a potential husband.

The other option you have, which has proven to be effective time and time again, is online dating. With the help of special mail order bride websites, you can successfully communicate with Polish mail order brides regardless of the distance between you. Then, when your connection becomes strong and you are convinced that you’ve found the woman you want to marry, all that is left is a visit to Poland to spend time in person.

Naturally, a positive online dating experience doesn’t come for free. When calculating the budget for your dating journey, these are the two types of expenses to take into account.

Online dating expenses

Usually, it doesn’t cost you anything to create an account on a dating site, but messaging and other essential features are rarely included in a free membership. You will need a premium membership to access those essential features plus credits to use some of the more advanced features like video chat and phone calls. For 1 month of being a dating site member, this is how much you can pay:

  • Premium membership: $10 to $50
  • Extra communication features: $50 to $100
  • Gift and flower delivery services: $100 to $500
  • Translation services: $50

Travel expenses

A trip to Poland to meet your bride in person can be truly life-changing, so you want everything to be perfect. It’s not very expensive to be a tourist in Poland. Here is how much your trip for 14 days can cost.

  • Plane tickets: $700
  • Accommodation: $900
  • Food: $500
  • Transportation: $200
  • Entertainment: $300

The overall budget for your journey starts at over $2,500, but it can obviously increase if you prefer a more lavish style of traveling or if you want to impress your bride with gifts and extravagant dates.

Why choose Polish girls for marriage online?

Poland is a unique country as women who live there have Slavic beauty as well as Western lifestyle and values. So, you will find it exceptionally easy to chat with Polish mail order brides, but they will also be exquisitely beautiful!

Why do Polish brides seek Western men?

It is easier for them to date a foreigner than an Eastern European man. Also, a lot of Polish women for marriage just want to live in a better country where people are nicer and more generous.

Why you need to pay closer attention to Polish ladies

Polish wives are sometimes overlooked by Western men due to having some very famous neighbors, but it’s time for this oversight to be corrected. Women from Poland make the most caring, appreciative, and faithful partners you can imagine, and there is no one else you should consider for a serious relationship or marriage.

3 things men love about Polish women for marriage

  • Attractive features. Women in Poland don’t look exotic by any means, but their cute and familiar traits will captivate you from first sight. A typical Polish lady has fair skin, blonde or light-brown hair, green or blue eyes, and an athletic yet feminine figure that looks fabulous with their signature clothing style.
  • Easy-going personality. Being together with Polish mail order brides is easy and relaxing even if you’ve just met. These women want to make things easier and more convenient for you. They won’t ask uncomfortable questions or try to catch you off-guard. They will laugh at your jokes and make you feel confident and secure.
  • Serious attitude to marriage. Divorce is not taboo in Poland, but a Polish wife will try every way to salvage her marriage before calling it quits. Polish women treat marriage with all seriousness, and they will only marry a man when they want to spend a lifetime by his side.

Getting to know brides from Poland as a foreign man

If you live in the US, you will hardly ever run into any single Polish women in your own city. A trip to Poland can seem like a great idea in theory, and it will give you some great memories, but it’s far from being the best way to meet Polish girls for marriage. Local women are very attached to their home country and rarely view moving abroad with a foreign husband as a possibility. The good news is that you can find thousands of the most eligible Polish brides if you simply sign up for one of the legit international dating sites.

Final thoughts

A relationship with a woman from Poland, let alone marriage to her, is one of the best things that can happen to an American man. These women have everything: lovely looks, proper values, and a genuine desire to make you happy. Meet your ideal Polish mail order wife without even leaving your home with one of our recommended dating sites!