What Makes Russian Mail Order Brides Such a Good Choice For Marriage

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5 min readMar 6, 2024


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Russia has always been one of the top destinations for Western men looking for a loving wife, and once you find out more about Russian brides, you’ll know why.

Russian brides embody every feature you want to see in your potential partner, from a purely visual appeal to their amazing personality traits.

How much does a Russian bride cost?

If you live in one of the Western countries and have decided once and for all that you want to be with a Russian bride, there are two options you can try. The first one is to book a one-way ticket to Russia and spend a couple of weeks or even months there trying to find a Russian wife for sale. However, this option doesn’t always work out, and there are several reasons for that:

  • Russia is a huge country and you cannot realistically meet even 1/100 of the women who live there or visit more than one or two biggest cities.
  • Not every Russian girl is prepared to view a Western tourist as a potential boyfriend or husband, so you may have no luck trying to find a serious partner.
  • It takes time to develop a relationship that is somewhat meaningful, and doing it in Moscow or St. Petersburg often means more expenses than you can afford.

The other, more effective option you can try is online dating. There are dozens of international dating sites that are designed for serious relationships and marriage. Russian girls for marriage you meet there are not just beautiful, smart, or family-oriented. They also want to date and marry Western men and don’t mind moving abroad for marriage. An online dating experience isn’t free, and here are the two major types of expenses you’ll need to cover.

Online dating expenses

Most mail order bride platforms work on a similar basis: you can create an account and browse the women’s profiles for free, but you need a paid membership if you want to message them. In many cases, the paid membership doesn’t include extra communication features such as video chat, so you’ll need to pay for those separately using credits. This is how much you can expect to spend on online dating per month:

  • Premium membership: $10-$50
  • Extra communication features: $50-$100
  • Gift and flower delivery services: $100–4500
  • Translation services: $50

Travel expenses

When it’s finally time to visit your Russian mail order bride in her home country, you will face a second set of expenses. The typical budget for traveling to Russia for 14 days, given that you will spend most of your time with your bride and will therefore pay for two for meals and entertainment, looks like this:

  • Plane tickets: $800
  • Accommodations: $900
  • Food: $700
  • Transportation: $200
  • Entertainment $300

It’s easy to see that the budget for your trip starts at over $3,000. The more lavish your travel style is and the more you will try to impress the lady, the more you will spend overall.

What are Russian women for marriage like?

You can often meet foreign brides who cannot focus on anything other than their families, which makes them excellent wives but not very exciting conversation partners. There are also women who have thriving careers and fabulous social lives, but their attitude to family is less than admirable. And then there are Russian mail order brides who effortlessly combine a strong desire to make the most from their lives with the readiness to be there for their loved ones. This is exactly what makes girls from Russia perfect for marriage.

Success stories of men who’ve already met Russian mail order brides

When I first went to Russia, I was impressed by one thing — the honesty of locals. Seriously, these people just didn’t care about that Western etiquette and said what they actually thought. I was shocked at first, but then I started to understand this lifestyle. I started dating my future wife via BravoDate, and guess what. This honesty helped me build a healthy relationship with someone for the first time in my entire life. There are a lot of stereotypes about Russians, and some are true, but for me, that was the only place where I could find the right person.— Hunter, OH, USA

I met my bride-to-be online, on JollyRomance, and my family and friends were terrified when they heard I was going to marry a Russian girl I’d never met. I absolutely realize how it sounded to them, but come on, I met her in Italy, and that was literally the perfect match. She’s kind, open-minded, tolerant, and very caring, and she actually didn’t want to leave St. Petersburg until I provided enough arguments that it was actually a good decision. My family and friends adore her now, so I definitely have zero regrets.— Stan, CA, USA

Russian brides: their 3 best features

  • Flawless look. Russian women are the epitome of European beauty, and their features are absolutely impeccable. A typical Russian bride for sale has long hair that can be blonde or brown. Their skin is fair and glowing, and their eyes and lips are their most striking natural traits. Russian women are famously tall and fit with subtle curves that make them look fantastic in any clothes.
  • Intelligence and wisdom. You can meet females from every part of the world, but you will hardly ever find someone as well-educated and witty as a lady from Russia. These women consider education to be one of their main priorities in life. Russian wives for sale are also avid readers and never lose an opportunity to learn something new. Plus, they are inherently wise and always know what to say to anyone.
  • Traditional values. Girls from Russia can be very modern in some regards, but they are also surprisingly traditional. A Russian wife believes that the husband is always the main provider in the family and the woman is the one responsible for raising the kids and doing the chores. This is the way things are usually done in Russian families, and these women are not trying to revolutionize them.

Meeting Russian girls as a foreigner: what are your options?

Russia is the biggest country in the world and is home to millions of stunning single women. You will meet many of them if you decide to visit Russia one day, but you should also know that local girls don’t really see foreign tourists as potential husbands. When a Russian bride wants to find a husband from overseas, she signs up to one of the popular dating services, and that is exactly where you need to go if you want to meet Russian mail order brides. They are convenient, safe, and effective for everyone.

Pros and cons of being with Russian women for marriage


  • You will be the most important person in her life.
  • Your conversations will be intellectually stimulating.
  • There are no fidelity issues with Russian beauties.


  • All the decisions and initiative will come from you.
  • Her family should like you for your relationship to go on.

Final thoughts

At the moment, Russia may seem like a very exotic destination for dating, but it will take you just a couple of hours with a wonderful Russian mail order wife to realize that she’s the woman you’ve been looking for. No matter how many miles or cultural differences there are between you and your ideal bride, there is an easy way to meet her. Take that life-changing step today and get a chance to find Russian wife!