Reilly Sweetland
Mar 6 · 2 min read

We’ve made several improvements based on the excellent feedback we received in the past few weeks.

LUIS Natural Language Processing
We recently published our LUIS natural language processing skill, allowing any MailBot to extract entities and derive intent from natural language in email text.

Sandbox: Replay Event Webhooks
Webhooks can now be easily replayed within the Sandbox, making the development of “event-based” MailBots far easier . This comes in handy if your MailBot triggers emails based on external events (Github issues opened, weather patterns, stock prices, etc) rather than on specific times.

Replaying an external webhook from the Sandbox

API Updates
We made several updates to our UI elements based on user feedback, including some breaking changes to MailBots that were made before February 10th 2019. Please contact us if you need help upgrading your MailBots. Read the change log for full details.

Sandbox: Better Autocomplete
Our email emulator now autocompletes email addresses, saves new addresses and automatically appends the domain to simple email commands.

Better autocomplete means easier testing

More Invitations Coming Soon
Thank you very much for everyone’s feedback. If you already filled out a survey but have not received an invitation, keep an eye out! We’ll be sending out more invitations shortly.

Want to build a MailBot? Request early access by filling out our developer survey.


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    MailBots news, updates articles and more

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