New: Refer a friend and earn free actions on Mailbutler!

Mailbutler’s new referral program lets you give a hand to your friends’ inbox and earn free actions

We’re grateful for those of you who have recommended Mailbutler to your friends, coworkers and family. No matter how many emails you receive, whether inbox zero is part of your daily goals … we believe Mailbutler serves as the perfect companion for every email user to manage their inbox more efficient and stress-free.

To give back, we’re excited to introduce our new referral program, which rewards you for inviting someone to our growing community!

Mailbutler Referral Program: share and earn free actions together

Monthly actions can be used for any Professional and Business features. (Learn more about Mailbutler actions here.) All users are eligible to take part in the new Mailbutler Referral Program.

Give 5, earn 5

To refer someone to Mailbutler, share your personal referral link with as many people as you would like. Each person you refer to Mailbutler will get +5 free monthly actions. After they have installed and started using Mailbutler, you’ll automatically receive +5 free monthly actions. Simply put — everyone wins!

Still not sure where to start? Learn more about the new Mailbutler Referral Program here.

Our team is always open to your feedback and suggestions — if you have any questions, we’re always here to help: You can also catch us on Twitter and Facebook! 👋

— Your Mailbutler Team

(This post is republished from Unpacked, a productivity blog by Mailbutler.)