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How to set up Sendgrid for Mailgems in less than 5 minutes

You can make use of the SMTP services by Sendgrid, to start sending mails using Mailgems. It is trusted by many reputed companies and with a basic initial setup, you are good to go.

Step 1: Login to your Mailgems account and go to dashboard

Step 2: Click on “Connect a Mail Server” to connect an SMTP service like AWS SES, Sendgrid etc.

Step 3: Choose Sendgrid as the service to link

Step 4: You will now need to add

  1. An API key name (any name that helps you identify the server better, e.g. Sendgrid Server)
  2. API key from Sendgrid. Steps for this are shown below:
  • Sign up/Sign in to your Sendgrid account and go to “Settings” -> “API Keys”. Click on “Create API Key” at the top right
  • Give an “API Key Name” e.g. “Mailgems” and select “Full Access” in the API Key Permissions
  • Your API key will be created, you just need to copy this key and paste it in the Mailgems dashboard window

Step 5: Hit the Save button on your Mailgems dashboard and then you are good to go to start using Amazon SES for your important customer communications.



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