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My buddy Tobin sells season ticket packages for the Pats down at Gillette. He’s definitely someone you’d consider to be “in the know”. Every week he’ll have a guest column entitled #CanConfirm in which he’ll share the latest rumors and gossip from around the world of sports.

My name is Tobin. I was born down there in shreveport louisiana and now i work at gillete Stadium selling season ticket packages for the new England Patriots NFL team. I have been labeled as an “in the know” source by one of the nations top football journalists. His name is Ben.

Now that the macj ones and Bailey Zappe hoopla is over and done with, we can move on to more pressing matters in the world of sports. Did you see that Russell Wilson was out today? Hmmm my sources are telling me there’s more to it than initially meets the human eye.

Russell Wilson has a dedicated team of individiuals that work for him. Public relations, human resources, people who handle his teammates phone calls and SMS text messages. A little birdie on the gmailsent me the following message about the Russter and I was very shocked to say the leaest.

shocked. absolutely shocked. these are insane things to do, especially the christian menorah thing thats not even a real thing dude just get a christmas tree and watch seinfeld. If hes anything like this in denver that tells me he’s probably the most annoying person in Colorado (legalized weed early on in the process and theyer all a little tapped people forget).

I’ve heard from other sources that Russ is starting to wear thin on coach Nathaniel Hackket who wants Russ to be better at football and worse at being a giant weirdo. Denver is listening to trade offers as the deadline approaches maybe we will see a resolution like pete carrooll taking him back to seattle and helping him start a starbucks cafe or reforming him so he doesn’t start some sort of bizarre jim jones cult.

Tom brady going to splitsville?? PERHAPS!

got no one to play ball with the wife packed up the kids and said were going west for the r winter bub

Gotta guy who sells the avocados direct to the supermarkets in Tampa bay in Florida and he was talking to a lady down there in the one tom Brady shops at guess he’s leaving the victoria secret broad and hes been laying down with a lotta ladies include ing Jennifer Anniston (television and film chick). His sons reportedly texted him when they found out and were like dad why are you doing this to our mom plz come home foot ball is fun but you win all the time and the other men you play against are like dude enough and i guess he took for ever to respond and then and he sadi because kids dad is fed up wit the brazilianian woman its time for dad t o meet a new woman preferibly not all in my shit and honestly that one brother of yours mom? Bridget? She’s fine as hell g Im tryna slide back in there ngl xo xo night night! so i wouldnt be surprised one ioda if this thing kinda blows up soon and gesell bunchkin meets a new man like some arabian prince or some rich guy like that with a fast car and a castle with nice tile floors. Tampa opens next week as 2 and a half point sfavorites against the maryland ravens. Hes been actin real weird around the house like talking to himself and watching old reruns of M * A * S *H and he kept calling gronk and asking him if he wanted to go “halfsies on the price itd cost to buy allen alda” so theres clearly a distraction thats taking away from football

Yankees Moving On From Aaron Boone!!

Yeah I’ve heard they are. Just gonna be blunt and call it how it is. Aaron is going to b e fired and the yankees are going to bring in Don “the Hit man” Mattingly. Mattingly played for the Yankees in the 90s and my friends mom named one of their dogs after him. Good guy and I think he gets hte most out of that roster but i heard aaron judge has been looking at condos in san francisco and st louis and hong kong so if he leaves they probably stink but Don will try his best the ole college try. The old stadium is where he played so hopefully he doesnt get lost navigating the new one maybe theyll give him a map but its been 13 years maybe hes been to the new one i gotta ask my source on the inside they call him bleacher Boggs.

They will be firing Boone tomorrow afternoon even if they win game 5 tonight my cousin friedo Pizzano works at the Ruby Tuesday’s in Times Square and his ex-girlfriends brother is Anthony Rizzo the Italian first basemen. His nickname is Stallion Horse and he still goes to see her and he orders the sliders. theyre okay nothing spectacular. i usually get the house burger personally and substitute the fries with mashed potatoes

Tips Line

I havent heard much else for this week but if you ahve any tips for me email mailingitinpod@gmail.com thats a good email it usually works for me on my smart phone tablet or desktop or laptop computer. I always vet my sources I usually fin d them in the phone book and call them couple a times and if they answer we shooot the shit and I kinda get to the bottom of what the dealio is. Ya know you cant be too carefool these days its a foolproof industry dog eats dog world ya know?



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