Main Sequence Ventures has invested in Coviu to help health tech developers extend what is possible in healthcare.

Phil Morle
Apr 18, 2018 · 2 min read

Coviu makes some kinds of medical treatment possible without requiring a trip to the doctor. They do this through a brilliantly simple user experience that combines video streams of the patient and doctor with realtime access to medical information and powerful tools needed to augment the treatment. This might be as simple as looking at an MRI image together or dynamically measuring limb movement in a physiotherapy session.

Who would have thought physiotherapy treatment could happen over the internet?

One of our themes at Main Sequence Ventures is ‘Humanity Scale Healthcare’ — a title we learned/stole from one of our first investments, MaxwellMRI. Thanks Elliot and Matt! How can new products offer a higher standard of healthcare to more people for less money? How can deep-tech innovations around artificial intelligence, IoT, data, genetics, and so on help create this world? We’re seeing dramatic shifts towards patient-centric, preventative medicine and tools like Coviu make this new world possible. We think it will be one of the main ‘windows’ through which people manage their health in collaboration with their healthcare team.

One part of Coviu I am very excited about is their developer platform which allows other health technology providers to extend what is possible inside a healthcare window. The problem with healthcare technology is always that there are thousands of tiny edge cases which, together come together to make something useful for patients and clinicians. No one company can deliver what everybody needs. The business has developed an App Store so that other companies can integrate with the Coviu window and monetise a new channel to the healthcare market. Clinicians can then choose which apps they need to best serve their patients.

This is how we will see smart phone apps can connect in realtime to consultations, how patient data can be shared easily and beautifully with the patient, how certain measurements can be made digitally, how some diagnostic tests can be conducted, how different payment and booking systems can power an online clinic. If you have a digital app, or want to build one for Coviu — reach out to the team at developers AT

We have worked closely with Silvia and the team for 3 years as Coviu has blossomed from idea to a business that patients and clinicians love. Born inside NICTA (now CSIRO’s Data61), Coviu was one of the early teams to run through the ON Accelerator program during which we mentored the team. Since then, for the past 18 months, we have continued to interact with and support the company.

Here comes a wonderful new window into healthcare.

Main Sequence Ventures

Useful thoughts from the front line of big science and venture.

Phil Morle

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Deep tech VC — Main Sequence Ventures. Ecosystem builder. Maker. Director. Startup Scientist.

Main Sequence Ventures

Useful thoughts from the front line of big science and venture.

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