Our hunt for a new Principal and a new Associate to join Team MSV

Team MSV

When we were last recruiting for our investment team there was a valuable moment for me. Bill Bartee asked us all to go away and look again at the list of people on our shortlist and look for something different that we thought was interesting and could talk about. It might not be directly relevant to being an investor, but it is intriguing for some reason.

Through this process we met Gabrielle Munzer (see her post here) and Stella Xu and unlocked a new dimension to what we do at Main Sequence by adding them to the team.

We are on the hunt again, this time looking for a new Principal and a new Associate to join the team. We are excited and nervous because we know this will change us again. We will evolve into a new shape caused by the new talent in our team.

Curiosity is the samurai sword of the venture capitalist. We are all different in the team today, but curiosity and ideas connect us. What are the great challenges in the world that venture + science can impact? Who are the inventors changing the world (or might do one day)? What are the technologies and discoveries that might rise to these challenges and how can we understand them enough to discover conviction.

My first investment at Main Sequence was into Q-CTRL. I knew nothing about quantum technology and needed to immerse myself in white papers, YouTube videos and books in order to have the conversation that led to Q-CTRL. I remain hopelessly ignorant compared to the team at Q-CTRL but endlessly curious and prepared to learn. Some days it is frightening — out of my depth in the world that we are building together. But I learn a little more each day. It is OK to not know. Ask the question.

If you are interested in joining us, you will need to be curious. You will need to be OK with not knowing but excited to find out. Everything we do here is new at first. Then we go deep.

Most of all though, we need you. And we don’t know what that unusual, unique and different thing is about you that will spark our curiosity. So, if you apply for one of the roles, I suggest don’t try to guess what we want. Have a look at what we are doing and come to us with a perspective. Bring some ideas. Tell us we are wrong. Build upon some ideas that you see us talk about a lot but perhaps we have missed a trick.

The application process is open:




Useful thoughts from the front line of big science and venture.

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Phil Morle

Deep tech VC — Main Sequence Ventures. Ecosystem builder. Maker. Director. Startup Scientist.

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