What makes a great venture partner?

Please welcome our new Partner at Main Sequence — Gabrielle Munzer

Gabrielle Munzer leading a session at UNSW Synbio 10x Accelerator program

This story begins with a phone call

You can’t learn the craft of venture from a book

So, how do you know a Partner when you see one?

#1 — People go to her for help

#2 — She unlocks gnarly problems

#3 — She lands ideas with a heft of experience

#4 — She creates systems and products that scale the firm

#5 — Ideas ripple through the community from her initiation

Image courtesy of Tim Boyle

#6 — Trust with money

There comes a moment

It’s a river of talent

🖖🏻 #hack+hustle+flearn



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Phil Morle

Deep tech VC — Main Sequence Ventures. Ecosystem builder. Maker. Director. Startup Scientist.