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Deploy Mainflux on Digital Ocean in 3 Simple Steps

With Digital Ocean’s One-Click Apps, it is really simple to deploy Mainflux — it can be done in less than 5 minutes. We’ll show how in this article.

Step 1 — Digital Ocean Docker One-Click App

You’ll receive root password via e-mail, so use IP address of your newly created machine to login as a root:

ssh root@

We’ll deploy Mainflux under the simple user (not root), so let’s create one user:

adduser mainflux

In order for this user to be capable to deploy Docker containers, it must be added to a docker Linux group:

usermod -aG docker mainflux

OK, we’re done as a root, let’s switch to this simple user:

su - mainflux

Now the fun begins ;).

Step 2 — Get Mainflux

In the moment of writing of this blog post, latest release is 0.5.1, so we’ll execute:

wget -O- | tar xz && cd mainflux-0.5.1

All that’s left now is to launch the system.

Step 3 — Deploy

docker-compose -f docker/docker-compose.yml up

And that’s all — you have your Mainflux IoT platform up and running!

To learn more about Mainflux and how we’re building the world’s most sophisticated open-source Industrial IoT cloud, visit our website and follow us on Twitter!

Mainflux is highly secure, scalable, open-source IoT platform written in Go and deployed in Docker. It serves as software infrastructure and set of microservices for development of the Internet of Things Solutions and deployment of Intelligent products.