Mainflux Held A Technical Session At The Redis Conference In San Francisco

Mainflux Co-Founder Janko Isidorović and Software developer Aleksandar Novakovic spoke at the Redis conference which was held in San Francisco from 2–3 April.

Organized by RedisLabs company which develops one of the most used in-memory database (7000 enterprise customers), Redis Conference this year was dedicated to the growing demand for applications to respond instantly to user interactions and named accordingly INSTANT.

Among 60 technical sessions, hands-on exercises and other activities in the developer lounge, besides Mainfux team speakers on Redis Conference were from companies like Intel, IBM, Oracle, Amazon, Google, Netflix, Red Hat and others.

With the topic “Flexible Integration Using Redis Streams in IoT Platforms”
Mainflux Co-Founder Janko Isidorović and Software developer Aleksandar Novakovic held a technical session.

Mainflux software developer Aleksandar Novakovic

They gave a general overview of the IoT Platform architecture and event sourcing pattern, explaining how new Redis data structure, called “Redis Streams fit in IoT Platform Event Sourcing. On the end, Janko and Aleksandar presented an example of using these event streams inside the open source Mainflux IoT platform to integrate scalable LoRa adapter and Bootstrap service into the system.

The whole presentation can be found here.

Mainflux Facts:
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