Mainflux Labs Became a Member of Open Retail Initiative Founded by Intel and Top Technology Companies

Sasa Klopanovic
Mainflux IoT Platform
3 min readAug 19, 2019


We are excited to announce that Mainflux Labs was recently invited to become a member of the Open Retail Initiative, joining Intel and companies such as Dell, HP Inc, Canonical, VMware, and Toshiba.

Open Retail Initiative (ORI) is a collaborative effort of industry leaders partnering with Linux Foundation EdgeX Foundry and Open Stack to address retailers’ market challenges through open access solutions and the free exchange of ideas within the retail industry.

As in every industry, retail is facing a rising demand to increase efficiency whilst reducing operating costs, but also, a continuous competitive race in improving customer experience and innovation of service models. Consumers are more demanding than ever, and getting them to notice your brand among all the noise in the market is an even greater challenge.

Unlocking the power of data, and insights derived from it is the center of Open Retail Initiative, which is focused on being the foundation for customized shopping experiences, inventory and supply chain optimization, or driving operational efficiencies.

A decade ago, retailers were not able to make use of all of the information at its disposal. Systems were not connected, and nothing happened in real-time.

With the advancement of technologies like IoT, edge computing, computer vision, data science, machine learning, and AI, conditions for maximum utilization of data are created.

Nevertheless, these technologies are fragmented, and with a large and confusing number of vendors, it is difficult and time-consuming to make satisfying integrated solutions that will address strategic points of retail business.

To overcome these barriers, Open Retail Initiative will strive to create a common open-source framework to enable an ecosystem of interchangeable and interoperable components for retail solutions.

With this strategic approach, ORI works to achieve:

  • Maximizing business value from available in-store data across components of the ecosystem.
  • Accelerating solution development through suggested applications for developing retail use cases using a variety of ecosystem components, or “ingredients”.
  • Improving ROI and decreasing technology costs with the deployment of interoperable, multi-purpose modular systems.

“Mainflux Labs is proud to be part of Open Retail Initiative with technology leaders,’’ said Mainflux Labs CEO Drasko Draskovic. ORI will be a driving force for opening the potential of new technologies for retailers who seek opportunities to optimize their business procedures and improve customer experiences,” Draskovic continued.

“Considering that Mainflux Labs open-source IoT platform is deployed by one of the biggest retailers in the USA, we sincerely believe that Mainflux Labs will contribute to the Open Retail Initiative mission”, added Janko Isidorovic, Mainflux COO and former Chair of Application Working Group in EdgeX Foundry Technical Steering Committee.

“With mutual TLS authentication using X.509 certificates level of security, tested performance and scalability, and core repositories downloaded more than 200,000 times, Mainflux Labs is proven partner for smart retail initiatives”, explained Isidorovic.

Open Retail Initiative members include leaders across every industry, with Intel leading the way. Mainflux joins Canonical (Ubuntu), Dell, Envirosell, HP,, JDA, Petrosoft, Retail Next, SAS, Shekel Brainweigh, SUSE, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Verifone, Videonetics, VMware in partnership with groups like EdgeX Foundry, Open Stack and more.

Mainflux Labs
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Sasa Klopanovic
Mainflux IoT Platform