An adviser of Mr. Thuan Pham — CTO Uber about career path

Quick noted cho câu trả lời cuối cùng của chú Thuận Phạm — CTO Uber tại event #UberExchange ở BKHUP ngày 25/07/2017:

“What path to choose for Vietnam youth, a new graduated to startup in The industrial revolution 4.0?”

My advise to you and everyone here is don’t think to much about the path because you can’t know the path. When I graduated twenty five, thirty years ago, I have no idea I would sitting here today. You can’t plan the path. The thing you can plan and you should plan is optimize for your learning. It’s usually pretty straight forward, right. Firstly, thing about the job that you have to take, the job you currently have. Does it challenge you? Does it push you to learn new things? Are you feeling really happy to try new thing, to learn and feel good about things on the day to day.

And if you find that you starting to get bored in your job, look for the next job. That will push you, that will make you really uncomfortable, that will make you a little scared. When you pick up your next company, pick the one that you have some skill to contribute, so you can create something to your path. When you’re there, you can learn from that as well, so you can contribute when you also get something out of that.

And when you enough from that, then you will discover after ten, twenty year when you looking back, you have develop a huge set of skills. And that make you extremely value. And then along the way, the right opportunity will find you.

I thing the really key thing is I couldn’t have a dream of working at uber. Uber found me, I didn’t find Uber. I just keep on try to be as good as I can. And the moment as I decided to leave …(một công ty cũ của chú Thuận), I didn’t know where I want to go after that. But many people in the industry are really know of my reputation, then they all ask me look at this, look at this, look at this.

You create the opportunity for yourself.

So do the right thing, and then the right thing will happen to you. Don’t try to plan for a path because I can guarantee you whatever the path is, it isn’t the right one.

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