My first Portfolio

How I started

I was flying through challenges feeling confident that I was learning to code extremely fast when I first started coding. I started learning about web development back in September 2015. I used TeamTreeHouse. They have videos that you watch and code along with. There’s a challenge after every video. I seemed to be doing really well, doing all the quizzes and challenges quickly. I didn’t realize how much I really sucked until I chose to create my first project: My portfolio.

Learning by doing is more effective

I wanted to build a simple profile page, so that I can learn the process of making a website. I learned about text editors and started off by using a text editor called “Cortana”. As soon as I opened the editor and looked at my screen, I realized that I had no idea how to start! It was a horrible feeling. It was now mid October and I had about a month of learning to code. I looked at the blank screen and had to go back to TeamTreeHouse. I started to build while looking stuff up after nearly every line of code. I learned so much more while building my website then I did when following along with TeamTreehouse. I was just going through the lessons without stopping to build something of my own. I spent quite some time building my first webpage.

The most difficult part

The biggest hurdle I probably faced while making my first website was making it responsive. Responsive meaning it looks good in all screen sizes. I used css to position my elements differently depending on the minimum width of the screen size. I also did a lot of resizing of each image and text. Below are a few images of how it looked on phone and desktop views.

Desktop Views

Mobile Views

The finished webpage

About 3 weeks later, I was finally able to finish my very first website! I was ecstatic to show off what I did. It was an unbelievable feeling to see my very own website that was created from scratch online. I didn’t have anything on my portfolio page when I first uploaded this webpage. I later added those in as I built my web apps. Besides learning to build my website, I had to learn how to upload it online. This was another learning process I went through.

In order to get the website online, I had to learn about how to host it. I started of by using eHost. It was about 13 dollars a month. This website offered me a free domain name which is usually about 12 dollars a year.

Most of my friends and family told me that my website looked too plain and “Old School”. I knew it wasn’t the most appealing site to look at, but I took it as a learning process. From the time I decided to build it, I knew I’d remake it several times doing major improvements each time.

This website was built using HTML and CSS only. There was no libraries or frameworks involved. The next project I built was The Rave Candy Web App. I’ll write about it on my next blog post.

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