3 Tools to Start Creating Video for Instagram

Instagram has recently announced many changes coming to improve their app and make it easier for users to tell their stories. One announcement, that didn’t get as much reaction as their new Instagram Algorithms, is the new video updates. They’re now rolling out new and improved Instagram video video features like multi-clip video and longer video, up to 60 seconds! What does this mean for you and your growing brand? More ways to utilize the power of video and tell your brand story. According to Inc.com, statistics report that people are 85% more likely to buy a product after viewing a product video. So let’s get you started!

Boomerang by Instagram

Boomerang by Instagram — “New summer items just arrived to the boutique! #fashionistas #shoplocal #boomerang”

One of the simplest video clips to create is through the iOS app, Boomerang. Instagram actually is the one that released this app and it is easy to quickly post your creations to your followers. This app creates short, GIF-like clips of moving images. It is a great tool to show an action, for instance, like your process for creating your product. The key to success is finding something moving at a decent speed to capture. This could be you picking out or digging through supplies, or maybe your product in action, or perhaps capture someone who is using your product. Download the app and try playing around with it.

Instagram Multi-Clip Feature

Next as far as ease to use and length of clips, is Instagram’s built in multi-clip feature. This one can be very useful in telling a story. Maybe start with 3–4 clips and think of how you would tell a story in parts. For example, start with you gathering the materials to make your product, then a clip of your hands making the product, and finally a clip of the finished item. Get creative, what parts of your business could you break down into a multi-clip story?

Clips Video Editor

Clips makes it simple and easy to combine video clips, add music, and speed up or slow down footage.

Then one of our last recommendations is a 3rd party app called Clips Video Editor. This app is good for creating something a bit more lengthy and now with longer videos, could be up to 60 seconds! But it’s one of the easiest apps we’ve found to edit videos together and add music, all can be done simply enough from your phone. The app lets you speed up and slow down your videos as well for a bit of fun. Since these can be quite a bit longer, think of a message you would like to convey to your followers, something like shop local, support small businesses or even how you got started making and creating your products. Then break that down into a series of clips to be shot at different angles. You can tell a great brand story through videos and even break it down into several parts.

What to show

Once you’ve played around with your tools we recommend that you start brainstorming your brand message and the voice. As we’ve mentioned, an intro video to your product or your brand would be a great start. Try to reveal of a little bit of the process that goes into the crafting of your products as it humanizes your brand and helps you connect to your followers. Through video posts, you can build that brand story up.

If you have a product that may need a little bit of explaining, or it would fit your brand image to do a comical explanation of a pretty self explanatory item (apparel, etc.) you might try crafting together a video “how-to” or a walk through. If you have creative cool packaging of some sort, a popular style of video is an “unboxing”. People love to know what they’re getting and what to expect, so these have become wildly popular. You don’t have to force any of these suggestions if they just don’t fit with your product or brand image, so get creative with what things you reveal through Instagram video posts.

Be on the lookout to capture important moments for your brand. Did you just get your product in a local retail shop? Maybe you had a stand at the local trade market? This is your time to strut your stuff, so what would you like to reveal to your customers?

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