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Pop art is bright, loud and eye catching. Also, not always the easiest to recreate when it comes to product photography. In this week’s Brands We Love, we’ve stumbled upon an artist whose creative photos and artwork are causing a stir. @Jesiiii is an Ohio artist who hand paints products and sells mainly through the popular crafter site, She has gained a huge following on Instagram and is a great source of inspiration for photo styling. We know you’ll fall in love with her bright artwork and quirky style.

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

In contrast to lifestyle shots that really promote how your product fits into everyday life, sometimes you have a product strong enough to stand on its own. You don’t have to literally let it stand alone, give it a creative backdrop to create a consistent style to your posts. Jesi uses a variety of colorful patterned backdrops to her photos and that helps maintain a consistent style throughout her feed that matches the artwork she creates. You can easily create this with any fabrics you may have, holiday wrapping paper, wall textures, and much more. Look at your own environment when snapping products and see if there are any creative backdrops that would make your photos more interesting and also support the style of your other posts.

Source of Inspiration

Show off what inspired your particular product!

Got a quirky source of inspiration? Show it off! Jesi has several images that show off the final products as well as the source of her inspiration. For her particular style, this works really well and is a fun way to mix things up. This is one way to show a little bit of the process or even show some hometown love. Are there any objects, people or places that inspire your creativity? Reveal these every so often to your followers and see how they respond.

A Furry Sidekick

There is no denying the popularity of cat photos these days. Chances are many of you have one of these furry sidekicks and there is nothing wrong with putting their adorableness to work. What Jesi does with her cat Digby isn’t an accident. She still manages to scatter images of him throughout her feed without straying from the bright colorful style of her posts. He gets a lot of loving from her followers, but it isn’t over used. Digby pops in only every few posts and his backdrops are just as colorful as the regularly posted artworks that Jesi creates. If you have a furry sidekick you could leverage, how would you photograph them in a way that would support your brand and not simply post them with product?

Consistently featured on colorful backdrops to add to the style already present in her posts, Digby the cat.

Not everyone has products that are as bright, colorful and bold as Jesi’s artworks, but there is much to learn from her Instagram feed about consistent styling. Get inspired by what she’s done to amass a huge following and drive engagement with her quality images.

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