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April 2021: Mainstage Gaming Company Update

Mainstage Gaming Network publishes a monthly update to our community and we are eager to hear your feedback. Please email to share suggestions or request information and for support requests.

Summary / TL;DR:
April was all about the competition! Championship week is almost here for the majority of our leagues and as the spring seasons come to a close we are setting our eyes on expanding all leagues next season!

  1. Tri-county (SC) High School League: Our first-ever high school esports league championship will stream May 22–23rd.
  2. Charlotte Independence (ECNL): The first season is winding down as competition for the championship is heating up! The championship stream will be on May 7–9th.
  3. Local events: Local events are spinning up in the state of South Carolina as summer approaches with boxing/Smash Bros. & airsports/Mario Kart!

Tri-county High School League:

We are extremely excited to move into our final weeks of competition before our championship tournament weekend! 100+ students have represented eight high schools all season long in a range of games for the glory of being the first-ever high school esports champion in SC. Our leaderboard shows Nations Ford High School in 1st, York Preparatory Academy in 2nd, and Chester Senior High School in 3rd — with Great Falls High School challenging a podium spot in 4th:

Check out our Twitch Stream for any of the below competitions that will determine who is in/out of the championship bracket!

May 15–16

  • 11:00 am — Smash Bros.
  • 1:30 pm — Rocket League
  • 3:30 pm — Modern Warfare
  • 5:30 pm — Apex
  • 6:45 pm — Warzone
  • 8:15 pm — Overwatch


  • 1:00 pm — Valorant
  • 3:15 pm — Fortnite
  • 4:45 pm — Rainbow Six
  • 6:30 pm — Mario Kart
  • 7:30 pm — Cold War

Charlotte Independence

This 8-week league was set up to determine feasibility & interest in esports offerings within traditional sports leagues.. and it was a success!

  • Rosters filled with 4x more players than we had open spots for in <1 hour during registration
  • Securing premier sponsorships with local ISP Comporium
  • Gaining interest from other major teams across the country

We are excited to host the championship tournament this weekend and expand the league beyond a beta test and begin legitimizing Rocket League and FIFA gaming in established soccer programs across the US!

Local Events and Community

Last month we partnered with Light Bright Boxing, South Charlotte’s premier boxing center, to run a Super Smash Bro’s tournament alongside a large boxing event:

We had 20+ gamers (plus pro boxers and fans watching the action) competing in this local tournament are excited to continue growing gaming communities with a wide variety of businesses this summer!

Our Team and Community

We are still growing! Follow us on LinkedIn to see job opportunities. Most immediately, we are looking to hire Competition Managers to work with organizations in different regions and support their gaming events and leagues. We are excited to announce team updates in the next post!

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We envision a world with esports competitions in every city.

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