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August 2021: Mainstage Gaming Newsletter

Mainstage Gaming Network publishes a monthly update to our community and we are eager to hear your feedback. Please email to share suggestions or request information and for support requests.

Summary / TL;DR:
August has been exciting as we added a new team member to the roster! Summer is winding down, leagues are starting, and competition is bigger than ever!

  1. High School Leagues: Season 2 is live — and we are proud to recognize scholarship winners from Season 1!
  2. MCEA: We are proud to announce the most recent addition to the MCEA and countdown to our first day of competition.
  3. Mainstage Gaming Community: Meet Cory, our Director of Competition and, welcome Lance, our Community Manager to the team!

High School League:

Registration is open and students are rolling in from North and South Carolina to compete against their rival schools in seven different game titles! Shout out to gamer “LooseChange” in SC who already beat everyone the punch and was the first to register for Season 2!

Each season, students will meet and be watched by college esports coaches in the MCEA and compete for a chance to win $3,000+ in scholarship prizes! Shout out to Nations Ford (NAFO) High School students who took first place overall and won individual scholarships:

NAFO Scholarship Winners:

  • ShadowPaw — $300
  • Andromeda — $200
  • Gltich — $150
  • Gomi02 — $100
  • G-Money — $100
  • NAFO Overwatch Team — $250

In total, we had $20,000+ in scholarships & prizes won last season! We wish the senior class competitors the best as they begin their next steps in life and look forward to new faces and even bigger competition this year!


The Mainstage Collegiate Esports Association is proud to announce the addition of the University of North Carolina — Wilmington!!

UNCW boasts an impressive Smash Bros. roster and will be competing next month, September 21st, against Limestone University! UNCW is also the first university to offer both graduate and undergraduate esports curriculum for students that is lead by Dr. Ray Pastore. Learn more about the “Esports Performance, Management and Leadership” program here.

Mainstage Gaming Team

With our high school league kicking off and launching efforts to serve and grow our community, Mainstage is excited to formally introduce Cory Sloan, Director of Competition, and announce Lance, our Community Manager and newest member of the Mainstage Team!

Cory is the backbone of our competition arm at Mainstage. In 2018, Cory competed professionally in Fortnite and competed in the Fortnite World Cup that year among other notable events. Cory built our first pilot league as well as helped stand up our club sport gaming services and the MCEA.

Lately, Cory has also taken on an assistant basketball coaching position at Clinton College in South Carolina and loves roleplaying as a police officer in his 350+person custom Grand Theft Auto server!

Lance has been applauded and ennobled as Mainstage Gaming Network’s very first fan. He has been actively serving as a moderator and supporting our streams for the last two years before officially joining the team. Lance was a ranked competitor in Halo for years and actively works with multiple game developers to test their games before they publish their beta versions. He has recently been killing Pokemon Unite as a Machamp player and enjoyed the Halo Infinite Beta!

Lance, or as you may have seen him in our Discord — “Wolffe” — is taking over our community events and Discord! Keep an eye out for spin-up events, giveaways, and more!

We are so thankful for our team! And we are still growing! Follow us on LinkedIn to see job opportunities. Most immediately, we are looking for Moderators and Competition Managers to work with organizations in different regions and support their gaming events and leagues.

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