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February 2022: Mainstage Gaming Newsletter

Mainstage Gaming Network publishes a monthly update to our community and we are eager to hear your feedback. Please email to share suggestions or request information and for support requests.

Mainstage February 2022 Newsletter Graphic

Summary / TL;DR:
The Mainstage High school has officially kicked off! We’ll run through some early stats and our premier sponsor for this year’s season. We are excited to announce a joint effort with Click Gaming for a massive collegiate HALO tournament!

High School League

Mainstage Partners with HyperX for the 2022, High School Spring Season

Mainstage has announced the official partnership with HyperX as the premier sponsor of our 2022 Spring Season. In addition to new logos and replays on our streams, HyperX has provided us with tons of hardware such as gaming mice, gaming keyboards, headsets, mics, and more. We will be giving 100% of this elite HyperX gear throughout the season! Mainstage is ecstatic to work with such an incredible name in the industry and we are thankful for their dedication to bringing the highest quality products to our club teams! Check out our Twitch or Twitter for more information on our community giveaways and check out HyperX’s incredible products directly!

Our season kicked off with some incredible competition among some of the most popular games offered in High School leagues. We streamed titles like Valorant, Smash, Fortnite, and more thanks to the help of some of our incredible casting support team. This season, we have implemented a paid internship opportunity to learn live-stream broadcasting, operations, and asset management for high school students looking to gain experience in these areas.

Mainstage Broadcast Internship Program

Here you can see professional streamer, @ZipMasterFlex, co-streaming with a student, @Dunkacciino, who is currently competing and won overall champion in Smash Bros. from 2021. We are excited to see interest in the gaming industry alongside development and look forward to broadening our internship opportunities to prepare students for both their collegiate and professional careers!

As for the expansion of the Mainstage High School competitive scene, we are excited to share some big updates on our growth! After we closed our Spring 2022 registration and held our first weekend of competition we learned:

  • >300% YoY participation from students in Spring of 2021
  • +200% increase in schools participating in our league from last season
  • Actively competing in 5 states (up from 2 in 2021)
  • Actively reaching 25k+ gamers/mo. from our Twitch, Twitter, and Discord

We are continuing to dig through the data, but as a team, we collectively agree this map below was the most exciting thing to kick off our season:

Mainstage High School Season Team Map

It took a tremendous amount of effort this year to break into three (3) new states! Shout out to our Production Director & Competition Manager, Cody, and our CEO, Matt, as well as the referrals from our many happy competitors across the East Coast!


Mainstage has partnered with Click Gaming to bring together 16 colleges across the US to compete head-to-head in a massive HALO Tournament!

Mainstage + Click Gaming Halo Tournament Logo

Click Gaming is a massive leader in the Tournament & Event Organization industry and has hosted some of the largest esport events in many states:

Click Gaming Events in Dallas, Atlanta, and Michigan

Mainstage, through the MCEA, is bringing 8 collegiate teams from the East and Click Gaming will be bringing 8 teams from the West. We dream of opening this up to more schools, with a grand final being held in person at a massive arena! Competing Schools, Sponsors, and Prizes to be announced soon — follow our Twitter account for updates!
(Mainstage Twitter / Click Gaming Twitter)

Mainstage Community

If you haven’t already, follow us on our socials or join our Discord below! We are excited about what Lance, our Community Manager, has in store for this year!

  • Giveaways: gaming gear, game passes, swag, crypto, skins, DLC, and more
  • Tournaments: play with and against the Mainstage community
  • Casting and Moderating: opportunities to hop on-stream with us for various esports matches
  • Podcasts: Mainstage has been hosting guests and running AMAs in our Discord! Pro gamers, producers, tournament organizers, and much more -

We are so thankful for our team! And we are still growing! Follow us on LinkedIn to see job opportunities. Most immediately, we are looking for Streamers, High School Recruiters/Sales, and Competition Managers to work with organizations in different regions and support their gaming events and leagues.

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