5 Ways MainStem Streamlines Purchasing For Cannabis Operators

Cannabis companies typically don’t have a strategic procurement process which leads to confusion, inefficiencies, unexpected expenses, and unnecessary time spent. MainStem’s integrated purchasing platform, Purchase Pro™, gives operators a holistic and transparent view into an entire organization’s spend, ensuring better purchasing decisions and better standard operating purchasing procedures. Here are five ways MainStem helps make your procurement team more efficient.

Cost Reduction

By leveraging our strategic sourcing e-commerce site, and smart purchasing technology, MainStem’s Purchase Pro™ keeps all purchases in one centralized location. When using Purchase Pro™, companies can evaluate total spend, identify areas for cost savings, and place controls on future spending. On average, Purchase Pro™ saves companies up to 20% on individual purchases and 10% on overall company spend.

Time Savings

Don’t waste time seeking out new vendors. MainStem’s Purchase Pro™ brings a verified vendor network directly to you. On average, companies that leverage a centralized vendor network save 96% of time spent searching for materials. MainStem’s Purchase Pro™ compares pricing, shipping logistics, and overall product value across hundreds of suppliers in real time. With the new RFQ feature, companies can even create custom requests that fit a certain time frame and criteria.

Risk Mitigation and Compliance Control

MainStem helps your organization control and monitor every purchase in one platform. With the ability to set user permissions and custom catalogs, MainStem’s Purchase Pro automates rules and restrictions in the ordering process reducing excess costs and risks that come with human oversight. With a centralized purchasing platform, like Purchase Pro™, finance teams no longer have to spend time and resources policing departmental spend.

Business Continuity

MainStem gives your business the independence it needs from supply chain disruptions. Cannabis is risky and operators are constantly forced to deal with a disjointed supply chain, whether it is a natural disaster or new legislation. When a disruption to the supply chain happens, having an integrated purchasing platform like Purchase Pro™, with a holistic view of total spend and a network of vendors, companies can easily navigate, pivot and take control supply-chain risks.

Forecast and Purchase Predictability

Mainstem helps analyze past spend to predict future purchasing. Our monthly supply audit gives companies business intelligence to make smarter purchasing decisions in the future. By utilizing data and Purchase Pro™ technology, companies can create a lean spending model and supply order automation.

About MainStem:

MainStem is the leading B2B ecommerce marketplace and integrated supply purchasing platform for cannabis companies. We provide a modern and simplified interface to access over 13,000 products offered by over 450 suppliers (and growing). MainStem enables companies to find the best price on supplies while also simplifying the fragmented finance and operations technology ecosystem. With almost a decade of experience in the cannabis industry, MainStem is dedicated to helping cannabis companies grow with robust technology and by partnering closely with cannabis growers, manufacturers and dispensaries. To learn more about the technology solution we offer, click here.

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