MainStem Year In Review

We all know that 2020 was a year full of unique challenges, however, because of the spike in popular opinion and operators’ commitment to the industry, we witnessed incredible maturity and rapid growth with cannabis being seen as essential across the nation. In some states even being deemed lifesaving.

It was no different for us here at MainStem. Since 2015, our company’s Marketplace has helped over 1300 operators purchase their materials across the entire cannabis supply chain. In 2020, MainStem focused its energy on producing software products that were customer-focused to enable and control product distribution. We brought on a new CRO, Erin Stearns, and an entire commercial arm with the goal to support and solve the fragmentation that exists in cannabis as of today.

The Tech

Last year, with the support of select operators across the country, we rolled out our newest technology product, Purchase Pro. Our goal was to create a technology that would streamline the way cannabis businesses purchase materials. It had to be nimble enough for the ever-uncertain cannabis industry and smart enough to provide the user with data to help make better buying decisions. As cannabis operations began to expand, we began to add new features, with our strongest being integrations into backend ERP, Seed to Sale, and Accounting software.

As we look forward to 2021, MainStem hopes to partner with niche market leaders in the CannaTech ecosystem, helping operators successfully scale and get to a point of overall business process efficiency. Our team has never been stronger as we add in additional customization, scalability, and continued product innovation.

The Commitment

We at MainStem know that your vision and goals for your business are unique, setting you apart from the competition, which is why we designed our products to let you get back to the things that matter the most. Driven by our desire to help your business meet the changing cannabis landscape, we are committed to building a customer-focused company that helps solve the problem of technology fragmentation that operators deal with every day.

Our commitment to cannabis has also never been stronger. As we enter the end of prohibition, we must also take a definitive stance on ending the war on drugs and furthering the cause of cannabis legalization. This is why MainStem actively supports organizations like the Last Prisoner Project and the NuLeaf Project. We’ve also joined NCIA to add our voice and commitment to furthering the business interests of those in cannabis.

The Future

The future of cannabis has never been brighter and MainStem has never felt stronger about the solution we provide for the industry. As companies begin to streamline their business, they’ll need to adopt simple, but sophisticated technology that solves for the fragmentation cannabis companies are forced to deal with. MainStem is committed to solving these problems as the only cannabis-specific procurement software. You’ll never purchase the same again.

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