The Difference between Cannabis Oil and Tinctures


CBD Oil and Its Types

CBD oil is naturally derived through a method of extraction. The process includes the direct extraction of oil from the flowers, seeds, and stalks of the hemp plant. This product contains very high levels of CBD. It is also a very expensive product.

CBD Tincture and Its Origin

This product is created by extracting compounds from a cannabis plant through a solution of alcohol and water. There are alcohol-free tinctures, made up of extracts of glycerin, oil, and vinegar. However, those solvents don’t have an effect as strong as the alcohol-based product does.

The Battle of the CBDs

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of oil and tincture.



The additional ingredients present in CBD tinctures may irritate sensitive skin. That is why many consumers prefer CBD oil that lacks such additives.


When ingesting CBD oil, not everybody is a fan of its earthy taste. Tinctures, on the other hand, come in various delicious flavors.

CBD Tincture


In a comparison of Oil Tincture VS Alcohol Tincture, the alcohol base in the latter lends the product certain advantages. For instance, oils will not be absorbed as fast as tincture even if both are applied topically.


The process of CBD tinctures production has greater room for error. Thus, its complicated nature may count against it.

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