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Maitri for all

Eternal lamp…

During festivities, I saw lamps being lit near a fire source and being moved around the house to their respective destinations. But the process wasn’t easy. Sometimes the wind blew them away or the wick wasn’t properly placed — so one had to repeatedly invoke the flame. As a child, I worked really hard to make a lamp that can’t be blown off by the wind and shall light forever with continuous inflow of oil. I didn’t fully succeed in making it.

Many years later, I slowly started to find out that such a lamp is possible and already exists within all beings. We carry such a lamp in our heart always: lamp of compassion, joy, warmth and happiness. Once lit, it continues to stay that way. Even as we run, walk, sleep or stand near a powerful breeze! Miraculous, isn’t it? We maybe thousands of miles away, but the lamp of our heart can still spread warmth through our words, thoughts and wishes.

May we kindle the lamp of compassion and joy in our heart, that frees us from discrimination, hatred and illusion of knowledge and guide us from the realm of endless thought into the serene realm of being




Reflections on universe, self and love.

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Shyam Wuppuluri FRSA

Independent researcher - Interdisciplinary approaches @ Foundations of science. Albert Einstein Fellow 2020. Member of Brazilian academy of philosophy.