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Prophets and Miracles…

The prophets of this era would no longer walk on water or materialise things out of thin air. In an age where we learnt how to fly in the air, the prophets of this era may teach us the forgotten skill of walking on earth with great peace and freedom. In this age, where we can remain present on a plethora of social platforms, the prophets may teach us how to be present for ourselves and for our loved ones in real time. In this age, with all our seriousness when we are anxious about the future, they may teach us how to smile fully in the present moment and look at other beings with the eyes of compassion.

If we keep looking for prophets who walk on water or fly in air, we might miss the greatest miracles they are displaying right in front of us. The miracle of being alive. The miracle of walking on earth. They may be around us, but they mayn’t sport a beard or wear religious robes. If we don’t get rid of our notions about miracles and prophets, we may miss out witnessing their sacred presence.

In Vietnamese, the phrase “Đến đi thong dong” is a bell of awakening. It literally means “Go and Come, leisurely”. It reminds us to dwell peacefully in the present moment. When we read the word ‘leisure’ we often think it is the opposite of work — which only useless people engage in. But it need not be so. With all our seriousness and work-minded attitude, what did we achieve? More suffering, more wars and more exploitation. To have leisure is not to watch Netflix or dwell on Instagram. It is to root ourselves in our being. To remain stable and calm. To develop mindfulness that allows us to go beyond our discriminations and find wholesome solutions to the pressing issues. How can we achieve global peace, if we brand the very ingredients of peace — such as calmness and stability — as unproductive and useless waste of time?

Next time as we move around, when we see someone walking calmly and with great tenderness, when we witness a baby smiling fully, we can produce a smile right away. In our mind, we can say: “Dear prophet, I witnessed your great miracle. I bow down in reverence”. When we learn to recognise the prophets around us, we shall learn to recognise the mother who nourished the prophets of all times: our mother earth~




Reflections on universe, self and love.

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Shyam Wuppuluri FRSA

Independent researcher - Interdisciplinary approaches @ Foundations of science. Albert Einstein Fellow 2020. Member of Brazilian academy of philosophy.