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Slowing down things…

When I first visited the Chinese monastery, I saw that the monks there were super slow. It was funny to watch them do everything so slowly as if each one of them are silently applying brakes on time’s arrow. I couldn’t fully understand the reason behind this.

Later the same day I volunteered to carry a huge vessel of moong bean soup from the kitchen to hall. It is then I realised the importance of walking slowly. If I walked fast, the hot soup spills not just on me but on others too. When we have the sizzling hot soup of emotions within, we need to carry it slowly till we find a table to place it and let it cool down. It is only by slowing time, we expand and witness the space.

We all must have taken part in slow cycling in our childhood. The person who rides the bicycle in the slowest possible manner wins the race. It is only when we fully slow down that we can witness gravity in action. When we race wildly on the bike, we no longer can directly witness the complexity and dynamics of gravity. Same with our mind.

The days when I do things slowly, I witness time passing. It is time travel: in the most literal sense of the word~




Reflections on universe, self and love.

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Shyam Wuppuluri FRSA

Independent researcher - Interdisciplinary approaches @ Foundations of science. Albert Einstein Fellow 2020. Member of Brazilian academy of philosophy.