Maitri for all
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Maitri for all


Regardless of the country, anytime a bus driver encounters another bus driver on the road, they sound horn and smile at each other. It also happens with taxi drivers and cyclists.

When we see the sun, we can always smile. Our smile is a testament of our realisation that we have the element of sun within us. Sun in the water we consume. Sun in what we see. Sun in our body. We are driving sun around and carrying sun in everything we do.

We are sun-drivers and we see that all beings are fellow sun-drivers too. This interconnectedness can bring smile on our face right away as we wish each other ~




Reflections on universe, self and love.

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Shyam Wuppuluri FRSA

Independent researcher - Interdisciplinary approaches @ Foundations of science. Albert Einstein Fellow 2020. Member of Brazilian academy of philosophy.