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Maitri for all

The perfect gift…

Whenever I’m invited to a child naming ceremony, I am confused about selecting the gift I can offer the baby. What is the best thing we can give a newly born baby? — I asked myself for a long time.

On times when I try to use only as much water, electricity and food I need, I smile and tell myself that “I’m saving water and other things for my student’s children, for my friend’s children” and this act gives me a lot of happiness right away. What better gift we can offer a newly born baby than water, air, soil and a well-behaved world?

It is very possible to live in such a way that every act we do becomes a gift to others. We can breathe each breath as a gift to others. We don’t have to be a millionaire to be generous. We can be generous with everything we do and this is the practise of a Bodhisattva. And we are all equally capable of doing this~




Reflections on universe, self and love.

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Shyam Wuppuluri FRSA

Independent researcher - Interdisciplinary approaches @ Foundations of science. Albert Einstein Fellow 2020. Member of Brazilian academy of philosophy.