Maitri for all
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Maitri for all


the practice of zen

is to bring heaven

under the ant’s feet

is to erase

the non-existent

dividing line between.

sacred and mundane

it is to see

the greatest scripture

in the child’s scribbling

if we can’t see the God

in a bee

which is right in front us

where else do we expect

to see him?

if we can’t find God

when we wash our socks

and clean our rice

where else do we expect

to find him?

getting lost

in the ideas of heaven

and afterlife

contemplating on the

nature of the god

and his attributes

wasting our time

in defending and debating

about our ideas of God –

we miss

the sacred appointment

with him

right here and right now

being ignored and unfound

God becomes sad

and cries for our attention

his tears blur and hide

the magic and meaning

which is eternally present

in this very humdrum world –

the same magic, meaning

and purpose

that we long to discover


since time immemorial ~~




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