Business continuity and information security integration

A business knows how it is to be prepared to a force majeure situation, at least how important this is to ensure business continuity, so that basic mechanisms would keep functioning or could be restored in case of natural disasters or, for example an economic downturn, a frequently disputed matter. But it is

obvious that nowadays a brutal force majeure can be caused by malicious cyber activity. And massive cyber issues are followed by the same extent of trouble and even occur much more often.

Digital disruption is by no means softer than the physical one. Information security must be an integrated part of continuity as securing is inherent in recovery and sustaining processes. There’s no point in ensuring information security when it isn’t considered to be working in conjunction with restoring operations regarding IT department.

Those measures which restore the disrupted operations during a disaster aren’t fully adequate as being prepared to various types of cybersecurity incidents requires a specific management plan.

Moreover, attacks are evolving all the time, and what proved to be helpful a couple of or more years ago may now be even harmful. For example, booting a computer during an alleged ransom attack is no longer a cure, since the essence of the modern ransomware is not in seeing a user’s screen anymore, or, for instance, mere compliance is not enough to stay calm, maintaining everything up to regulations will find you frustrated when an anomalous activity overlooked, the analytics module is inevitable to ensure robust security today, especially when it concerns internal threat mitigation.

When it comes to investment and budget for information security and business continuity, the matter just can’t be approached independently. The response to an attack is intrinsic to its smooth remediation, these processes can’t be decided on separately. The key points to observe when integrating business continuity and information security:



Managing behavioral risk, measuring employee morale, detecting corporate fraud and protecting your staff from blackmailers or undisciplined colleagues — moulding keys to healthy environment and data safety

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