Facebook security upgrade decision leaked

The company decided to exempt a number of employees from groups which have access to internal message boards.

In order to prevent further data leakage, Facebook decided on limiting the access to internal message boards. Groups tied to the platform security will be made private. The number of such group members will also be decreased — staff not related directly to tasks concerning safety will be expelled from the

Integrity groups. As soon as the change was planned, the details of it got exposed.

The necessity in doing so arose after the former Facebook employee leaked confidential data to the Wall Street Journal. She was going to testify against the company having filed about eight complaints with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Another whistleblower, data scientist and former Facebook worker, is going to testify against Facebook this month.

Not all employees liked the idea of being left aside, claiming that it ruins the transparency and teamwork.

Facebook has been recently accused of freeing high-profile users from rules established for everyone, thus green-lighting censored content from such users. One of Facebook’s algorithms designed to bring people closer, or simply to make interaction with the platform more frequent, is said to have made people only angrier.

Developing countries seem to use the platform for trafficking and drug dealing purposes, as well as provoking violence against minorities, there were reports about illegal business and persecution which weren’t dealt with by the company.

The Wall Street Journal got a chance to study Facebook annual employee lists, in accordance with which the internal power shifts and twists were clearly traceable, and the names of employees and managers working at the same time period were easy to juxtapose.



Managing behavioral risk, measuring employee morale, detecting corporate fraud and protecting your staff from blackmailers or undisciplined colleagues — moulding keys to healthy environment and data safety

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